Friday, January 12, 2007

Jack is Back!

Well, as you my faithful readers know, I am a huge fan of 24. I mean really, I recently rewatched season 5 and was once again blown away by just how well written, acted, and put together this show is. And it still keeps you guessing!

Anyway, I know the first four episodes of season 6 have already been leaked onto the internet, but with an unusual amount of self-restraint I refrained from watching them.

Now I will be able to enjoy them this Sunday and Monday in four great hours (that will fly by) introducing us to the newest season. It should be very interesting from what I've read on the subject matter and I really look forward to seeing what they come up with throughout the season.

I've also noticed just a huge amount of promotion for it this time around. I don't know if it's because of the Emmy wins, the fact that last season was the most watched season yet, the fact that Fox had a very dismal fall run, or if there are nerves about being aired against Heroes, but they are promoting this show like crazy.

As well they should. It's brilliant.


Lisa said...

I know I'm little behind, but in the last three months I went through the first two seasons and am just starting the third season of 24. I'm not completly addicted to it, but it's really good! :)

kathryn said...

wow, i've never seen a single episode of 24!!!!! don't know why?! I'd probably love it.

Amy said...


You should totally rent the dvds if you get the chance. Just make sure you have a good block of time to watch them! It's addictive.


I've always do you watch tv in Mongolia? download or dvds?

Lisa said...

Amy, it's all about DVDs! Internet is so slow, there's no way we could download shows or anything else! We rely on people sending us all the current shows on DVD for us to catch up!

Amy said...

That makes sense, Lisa. You guys have good friends to send them to you!

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