Wednesday, January 24, 2007

In Appreciation of Cherries

As I mentioned on here before, I got the gout in December shortly before Christmas.

I was one miserable chick. It's not the most common thing for a female of my age to get this dreadful affliction. In fact, 95 percent of people who suffer with the gout are males.

Suddenly, I was reading everything about gout that I could. I was joining online support groups. I was eliminating things from my diet and adding others. I even bought a cane in case of future flare-ups.

In order to rid my body of the dreadful uric acid that leads to gout, I turned to cherries. Lots and lots of cherries. And I was recently delighted and dismayed to learn that a dear friend of mine who is female and a year younger than me also has gout. (delighted because I am not alone, dismayed because she's my friend and I'm sorry she has to suffer as well.)

Anyway, I never really ate cherries by themselves before and now I am quite smitten. I love cherries. And they are so good for you!
If you eat one cup, or approximately 21 cherries you are only consuming about 90 calories, and it's quite a filling little snack!

The only downside is of course that they are a bit on the expensive side. But as anyone who has suffered from the gout knows, there is no cost to great to aid in it's treatment and prevention.

Anyway, I strongly encourage you to consider adding cherries to your diet. It's well worth it. I think they are a highly underappreciated fruit. Most people like apples and oranges. You can find a wealth of cherry recipes here.


kathryn said...

i love cherries too. .they are so delicious. I don't tend to buy them in the winter, too much $$
(like you said)

so sorry to hear about your gout - ouch!!

Lisa said...

I love cherries! They are very rare over here and extremely expensive when you find them. We pretty much get apples and oranges. I can't wait until I'm back this summer and get fruit! Yum!

Amy said...

yay for the cherry love! Lisa, I can't wait till you can have your fill of yummy fruit either! Of course, due to the great Southern California freeze, the prices of oranges are supposed to climb....

Seth Ward said...

I love cherries like crazy. I'll eat a whole blasted bag at a time. I love those .... yellowish cherries?


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