Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Cricket Infestation Continues...

Seriously. Yesterday, I was turning off the computer and getting everything ready to go home when I casually glanced at the ceiling.

And there it was.

A giant cricket peering down at me. Acting like it owned the ceiling. Pondering why I was there, and should it fall on me and make me scream like a B horror movie?

And this morning when I walked into the building, it was to a chorus of crickets. And I found one hiding behind the toilet in the bathroom. (one of their favorite hide-outs).

Seriously, a person and serious bug-hater like myself can only take so much....


kathryn said...

eeewww!!!! poor you!

~ jen ~ said...

Perhaps you could carry a small spray bottle of water with you to work. See a cricket? Squirt at it to get it to move to a more convenient location(like, farther away from your toilet)... I would be freaked out, too.

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