Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Crickets, Grasshoppers, and other things I hate

When I was in Costa Rica, grasshoppers enjoyed the place where I was staying, particularly right above my bed.
I don't enjoy grasshoppers. In fact, they freak me out. Everytime I had to attack them with the broom, my heart started to race. I was so afraid of just how far they could jump, those icky sticky legs, and if they were going to jump on me.
They made the brown crickets that seem to infest this building seem small. Until today. Today, a cricket started walking and jumping (eww!) around the place as if he owned it. My student (a grandma for crying out loud) was equally as freaked out. Somehow, we managed to trap it in the wastebasket. There it stayed, jumping around, unable to get out. I asked my next student if she would kill it. She refused, but took it outside and freed it. Apparently, crickets are good luck. (why? i feel quite unlucky whenever I see one) She then proceeded to tell me various horror stories about cockroaches.
So.......I told you all of this to say two things...
Firstly, I hate bugs and am quite incapable of killing them.
Secondly, everyone has a horror bug story (mine really aren't that bad)...what's yours?


ldperez said...

We woke up to the music of a cockroach on our headboard one night this week! Talk about yucko! And I'm serious it was huge. Marco was my hero and actually killed it (caught it with kleenex and flushed it down). My man! He can never kill cockroaches, yet he came through for me at 4:30 in the morning!

Amy said...


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