Thursday, June 29, 2006

Today's Dead Bug Count: 5

Well, with the bizarre humid summer we're having here, bugs have been crawling their little selves all over the place, freaking me out. I (ok, ok, with the help of a few students) killed 5 bugs today in the Read Right room alone. And that's not to mention the GINORMOUS bug that was hanging out in the lobby until Anh (the receptionist) squashed it.
One of California's perks was the absence of the creepy little things. I mean, I used to encounter a bug only once in a blue moon. (and you know how often that is)
I am officially depressed over this turn of events.


~ jen ~ said...

I can't stand to find bugs in my personal space, either....We find spiders here at home every now and then. I still freak out, even if its a smallish spider or bug. I sound totally girly, but if I can get Mike to smush it or usher it outside, I will! But if he's not home, I muster the courage and take care of the intruder myself. i don't want to risk Sam finding it and *gulp!* eating it! EEEEWWWW! I just gave myself a chill...

kathryn said...

bugs. . blech. .

I killed a bee today in my front room. I kill spiders regularly. . though i fear them greatly!! eeewwww!!! Millipedes and centipedes freak me out - every time I see them i scream! ants. . big pain in the butt, they're always wanting to come in. certain times of the year they can be a problem. Mosquitos. . another huge pain. Earwigs can hitch a ride into the house on the newspaper. . i'm pretty adept at killing all icky things that find their way into my home.

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