Wednesday, June 7, 2006

Money, money, money

Recently, I was chatting with a friend about giving. (and today Shaun posted about tithing over on shlog.)

Generally, how do you feel when people ask you for money? I give to a few charities that I believe in quite enthusiastically. I love the little girl I sponsor through Compassion. And there are a few other groups that I give to regularly that I feel are doing a bang-up job of making a difference in this world.

In addition, I feel obligated and blessed to give to those who have had a significant impact on me spiritually. I give regularly to RZIM, in addition to other such ministries that have blessed me and I know bless others. (this most certainly does not include Christian radio) I was happy to throw a few bucks Shaun's way when he asked for money last week--I both believe in his message and have been so challenged by Shlog and his music, that it was a joy for me.

However, I get tons of requests for money in the mail, which usually go straight into the trash. I'm not likely to give to the homeless man on the street, and it bugs me when my co-worker is always asking for money for the vending machine. I tire of hearing commercials all week in a desperate attempt to get my money and then getting similar pleas at church. So very often, I don't like to be asked for money, I will give with great joy to something I believe in, but I am a bit cautious if it's new to me.

I'd love to know how everyone else feels about this and where they give or what they believe in.


Mindy said...

First of all, let me say that it makes me very happy that your blog is pink. I know that's not related to $$, but it makes me happy. $$ makes me happy, kinda, so there. It is related.

Being in recent need of money has given me a new appreciation for other people's generosity. We asked people for money. It also makes me want to give people money. If we get to a place where we have lots to give, I think I'd be okay giving it.

I do tithe regularly to the church I attend (my dad once said that if you eat at a restaurant, you pay the restaurant, not yo momma.) But I don't give it much thought. Its 10%. And I sponsor a compassion kid, too and she's adorable. I think the 10% thing is easier to keep track of. Although, it isn't really a sacrifice, you know? It's only a dime for every dollar.
I don't give to TFC no matter how pitiful the begging for $$ letters sound. And I don't feel guilty about it. I also don't forward those ridiculous internet letters that say if I don't forward it on I'll be cursed, but if I do God will bless me. But that's another matter.
Okay, so I've successfully deviated from the subject matter. Anyway. Amy I'm glad you update your blog often b/c I check it like 3 times a day.
love you!

Anonymous said...

I give, tithe, sponsor, blah, blah, blah. I don't think God is interested in percentages or even dollars. He's interested in hearts; and I know that no matter how much I give, my heart still has a lot of growth to do.

Amy said...

Ok everyone! But how do you feel when someone asks you for money? :-)

Grumpy, annoyed, trapped, or happy? Or does it depend? I don't think giving makes us good, but I was just curious. Also it was a chance to give a plug to things I care about.

(Mindy, it's funny, bc I think being Pks we're like...if we don't tithe how are the kids gonna eat???)

~ jen ~ said...

In general, I am annoyed when I am asked for money. Like the guys on the road that will give you a small bag of peanut M&M's in return for a donation to their rehab program for prostitutes... Can you cure a hooker? Do the M&M's help with that? Sheesh!

I am kind skeptical to give money to an "unknown" cause. Last year, while I was still in my last months of pregnancy (which probably clouded my perception)a man at the grocery store(where I work) asked me for money to buy milk and bread for his kids. I obligingly gave him the two dollars I had intended for my dinner during my shift at said grocery store.

So, I go inside to start my shift, and the same man comes up to the counter and asks for a half-pint of Seagram's 7! He tosses a couple of bucks (MINE!) and a handfull of coins on the counter. Being pregnant, I was very emotional, and loudly asked about his daughter. He grinned and said, "I just need the money, lady. It's nothing personal." I refused to sell him his liquor, and was subsequently called many derrogatory names, as he left the store.

Don't give money to a cause you're not informed on. The guy on the street corner may indeed need to feed his kids, but the he may also "need" to feed his addiction to whatever. If you do get "taken in" by a seemingly good cause, learn from your mistake and DO NOT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE AGAIN.

Also, I dislike chain letters damning you to Hell for not forwarding to five or more friends. What Bull!

kathryn said...

ha ha, i love this pink blog too. cuz its just like mine!!! LOL!

how do i feel when people on the street ask me for money? depends what they're like. There are some really aggressive panhandlers in town. .but some just look so beaten down by life. . i am such a softie. . i get very emotional when i see them. I almost always give them what i've got, which isn't usually much.

when ppl won't stop phoning my house. . GRRRR!!! they infuriate me!!! every charity on planet earth calls me. . blind sports association - i kid not, deaf basketball league, burn camp, asthma and allergies, cancer, kidney foundation, liver foundation, MADD, police fundraisers, circuses, variety shows, clothing drives for the diabetes association, heart and stroke, sick kids' hospital, world wildlife federation, ay yi yi. .

World Vision. . I sponsor a child in Brazil. . . WV sends me requests monthly for emergencies world wide. . when they send me little cards and so on to send my little guy, they want me to pay for the shipping and they want more money at those times as well. . .

ppl in the office. . kids' sports fundraisers - cookie dough, chocolate bars, raffle tix, i usually help them all. . when our co workers have whatever in their lives, we all chip in for gifts, flowers, what have you. .

Sometimes i feel like everyone has their hands out. . its overwhelming.

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