Thursday, June 15, 2006

Inspirational Films

I watched that special on the 100 most inspirational films last night. And while I agreed with some, I was not surprised to find some of my own personal favorites missing. So here is my top 5:

5) When A Man Loves a Woman--a great little love story and story about finding yourself.
4) A Beautiful Mind--it was on the list last night and rightly so. Another great love story. I hope I have that kind of love in me.
3) Big Fish--love this movie because it's all about life being so much bigger than we think. Yup, love it.
2) Diary of a Mad Black Woman--I love this movie because it is all about finding yourself after a difficult period of life, and trusting in the power of God to restore and make all things new. I love the scene at the end in the church. How could you not have goose bumps?
1) French Kiss--because it is the story of my life....trying to salvage a love that is poor, and risking everything to discover on the journey that there exists a greater and better love. (yay Jesus)

What are yours?


Anonymous said...

I'll say Moulin Rouge, Rocky, and Chocolat could be in the mix.

~ jen ~ said...

I agree with French Kiss; Amelie would have to be on my list: even if you think you are absolutely alone and insignificant, you really do touch so many people's lives in someitmes very profound ways.

Ah, je suis une philosophe! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Thinking on the "idea level"! Comment ca-va? Je ne parle pas francais. Mmm, peut-etre c'est possible....

Amy said...

aw, I love Chocolat, Amelie, and Ever After, too!!! Amelie is so charming and funny!

Lisa said...

I've got to put Dead Poets Society on the list. Makes me want to be a better teacher. Also, Cool Runnings--Even with the world against you, you can do anything.

kathryn said...

Corrina Corrina. . is a beautiful film. Dominick and Eugene. . The Notebook. . In Her Shoes (Cameron Diaz/Toni Collette)another good one. V is for Vendetta. .Pieces of April. The Constant Gardener. .

Amy said...

oooh, I love that ee cummings poem at the end of in her shoes. and of course I love the Notebook! Hi Kathryn, thanks for stopping by!

kathryn said...

hi Amy! i like your pink blog!!!

Lucas Parry said...

I'd say:
1) Life is Beautiful (Can't fight the tears in this one.)
2) Braveheart ("Freedom......")
3) Top Gun (I wanted to be Maverick when I grew up)
4) Mr. Deeds (Sneaky, Sneaky)
5) Anchorman (Never play with tridents!!)

Amy said...

oooh, I love i am Sam, and cry everytime too!

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