Saturday, June 10, 2006

Favorite Saturdays #5--Snail Mail

I do love getting a long letter written in the hand of a good friend or beloved family member. It's truly a lost art, and I know I myself have lost the art of it But when I do send off a letter, (Lisa--look for one!) or get one, it's a true delight.


~ jen ~ said...

A snail is in the mail for you, dearest friend! Keep your eyes open for it!

Lisa said...

I agree with you. Now a days it's all about e-mails, messegers, blogs, cell phones, etc. People communicate through technology. What happened to picking out the perfect card or stationary, the right color ink and sitting back and writing a letter. I love getting e-mails, but their is something about going to the post office and getting a letter. You feel so loved that someone took the time to sit and write a letter. :) I'm looking foward to your letter.

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