Monday, April 10, 2006

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Mindy said...

I miss your voice! I thought Eternal Sunshine was pretty strange, too. Matt just bought it and I was like, um, I don't think you are going to like this movie. It's not really his style. But I'm sure we'll watch it together sometime (when we get a tv) and maybe my opinion will change. That usually happens when I watch a movie for the 2nd time. It happened w/ Jerry Maguire (which now is one of my favorites) and Unbreakable. I need to watch Spanglish again b/c I hated it when I saw it in the theater. So, that's it.

PS, I was picturing in my head our room in LeT. and me on the top bunk, and you in your cave/bottom bunk, talking into the night. I could only hang my head over the edge for so long. Those were fun times!

Amy said...

Those were fun times!!! Let me know if your opinion on Eternal Sunshine changes. I could use some insight. But, sometimes I don't have much interest in watching a movie I didn't like the first time twice. :-)

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