Monday, April 17, 2006

Best season yet?

This may very well be my favorite season of 24. It just keeps getting more and more twisted, and more and more complex. Despite the emotionally devastating loss of so many beloved characters (Palmer, Michelle, Tony, Edgar), the writing is on fire with unexpected twists and turns. How do they do it? And how in the world do you get attached to characters so quickly you start to forget the older and dearly beloved ones. My friends....that's the genius of good writing.


Mindy said...

I have yet to watch a single episode of 24. And I probably won't. I feel like I'm becoming a slave to TV. I have given up Survivor. And it was kind of a spiritual experience for me. I realized that although Survivor has been a part of my identity for the last 6 years, I can let go of it. I don't have to hold on just b/c it's there. And I believe that I was for a while. B/c I watched it hard-core even through the horrible Thailand season. And I rarely missed an episode. I inconvienced people so that I could watch it. But no longer. Now it is just American Idol and LOST. Which, if you blend the two, it is almost like watching Survivor. So, maybe I haven't really let go.

Amy said...

Lol, Mindy. If one day in the future, you have a an empty weekend with nothing to do, you and Matt should rent the season 1 won't be bored. :-)

I've never watched Lost. Is it any good?

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