Friday, April 21, 2006

Beautiful Failure

Everyday, I watch people fail. I watch them work hard to acheive an end result of excellence, and I watch them fail in the process. Sometimes, they have misjudged where they are on the journey. Sometimes, they are simply not committed enough to produce the desired result. Sometimes, they don't understand what it is they are working toward in the first place. Whatever the case, I watch them fail and with their best interests at heart, I intervene when necessary to guide them into as much freedom and understanding to achieve the goal as I can.

Failure is such a beautiful thing. In learning, failure is an absolutely necessary and positive event. When we fail, our brains have the chance to figure out what went wrong and attempt to fix it. We must fail in order to give ourselves the opportunity to really learn, to really succeed.

I believe this has a broader application as well. I often fail. I have failed in relationships. I have failed in jobs. I have failed in education. Sometimes, I fail to see God working, I fail to trust Him, I think I am doing this thing called life on my own, and I fail to listen to Him. When I fail, I am disappointed. Sometimes, I feel embarrassed. I could just stop there. I could throw in the towel and give up. I could be content to allow my old operating systems to go full speed ahead and live a life painted in mediocrity. Or. I can rejoice in my failure. I can try again for excellence. I can believe that the One guiding me has my best interests at heart and sees no shame in my failure. That His intervention in my life is designed to give me more understanding and greater freedom to pursue my goal. Of living a life for Him and through Him.


~ jen ~ said...

I never really thought about it before, but I agree with you. Through our failures and mistakes, given that we acknowledge them, we can learn and grow. Of course it feels really really good when we get something right the first time around! But that doesn't happen too often....come to think of it, almost hardly at all for me. But it would be all the more special if and when something would go right on the first try!

Amy said...

I'm trying to think of something I got on the first try. you're right though, some people can really get things fast. lucky them!

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