Friday, March 17, 2006


I have mixed feelings about airports. On the one hand, as soon as I think of airports, I think of trying to lug around a bunch of heavy bags (my Hong Kong experience being the worst!), eating overpriced under-in-taste food, and waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting. And usually I'm absolutely to the breaking point of exhaustion because I stayed up the night before frantically making sure that everything was in order and that every last crevice in my bag had something that might or might not be of importance and value shoved into it.

But on the other hand...there's something so romantic about a way they are a portal to whole new worlds of possibility. There is so much potential in every trip, so many hellos and goodbyes to be made, the hopeful and eager anticipation of turning a page, becoming a new and more interesting person by adding another experience, another encounter, another neural network of understanding to your mind. Airports are covered in mystery, soaked in sorrow, bathed in hope. Airports are gateways to fully understanding this big world we live in, in catching glimpses of lives that are not our own, of taking in just a little more so that we can give more. I don't think I've passed through an aiport, without having my life change.

I guess the bad feelings about airports affect my physical self.....and the positive feelings are rooted in something in a way, airports are a sacred place...full of possibility, portals in an ever changing life....beautiful in their own, beams of steel sort of way.

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