Thursday, December 22, 2005

I love Christmas

I have to admit, I absolutely love the Christmas season. There is no better or finer time. I love everything about Christmas--the lights, the fragrances, the treats, the food, the eggnog, the music, the programs at church, the tv movies....all of it!!! I love it all!!!

I love the fact that one day long ago, God sent love and hope into the world in the form of a baby human....I love that He did it in humble circumstances, but still threw a great big party in the sky for the common to see. I love that He brought people from a completely different culture across the miles to worship His son under the light of a bright star. I love that He chose a young faithful girl to mother and love and raise His son. I love that before we even get to the cross, that Son lived the perfect life for us in our places. I am grateful that He gave that life to us by giving up His own. And I love that He rose again. And I love that we have the joyful expectation of seeing Him again.

I love that my family always treated Christmas as sacred. I am so grateful that it is such a time of joy for me every year. I love that God chose the Christmas season three years ago to crush my heart and self-perception and begin a massive reconstruction process on me. What better time could there have been for reconstruction? I love that I got to see what Christmas is like in a country where only 1 percent of the population is Christian. I love that Christmas is still Christmas there.

I love that I got to spend Christmas with my nieces last year. They are cute!!

And I love that this Christmas has and will be simple. That I have time to remember it's about Jesus alone. After all, Jesus is Christmas.


~ jen ~ said...


I just created my own blog...well, I set one up so I could post on yours, but intend to get mine going. Once I do, I'll let you know.

I want you to know that CHristmas has new meaning for us now that Sam is a part of our see God's miracle of life so up close and personally, and to know that he gave His Son to us so that we may experieince His wonders, like this, is wonderful and brings joy to my heart.

I can't wait for your next update!

Amy said...

Yea!! thanks for leaving a real comment, Jen. I can't wait to follow your blog. I bet it will be fantastic.

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