Monday, March 7, 2005

California is not the World

Well, I have decided to try out the world of blogging. Actually, I think this may be my third attempt...the key to success might be actually telling people about it.

It has been eons since I have written a mass email of any kind, so you might find by looking here that I am now trying to adjust and fit into life in California. I was reading a music review last year on Morrissey and on his newest CD he had a song called..."America is Not the World" I would like to take our English-turned-American friend's words a bit further and say....California is not the world. It sure feels like it sometimes. Every movie takes place in California. Californians seem shocked and aghast that people would ever leave their paradise and go someplace else....I haven't met many with even a small desire to travel! The concept of snow is unbearable and persistant rain is enough drive one into a deep depression for days. (myself included)

There are times when I love California. It does have some nice sites...but similar to Tokyo, those beautiful snow capped mountains can be a distant memory on a smoggy day....but a clear day is to die for. That is true. There is nothing like the sharp contrast of palm trees in the setting sun and beautiful mountains in the distance.

Adjusting has been hard. The church I have been attending is huge and so unlike any church I attended in the past. People have known each other forever, and so breaking into that is a little bit difficult. I miss my job a lot...I miss my students, my friends, my easy lifestyle, the pulse and excitement of Tokyo. I miss being surrounded by people from all over the world, the challenge of Japanese culture, the mystery of the ancient mixed with the very very modern. I love Japan deeply, and I knew it would be hard. But it's difficult to guess just how much you will miss a place, and when it's a struggle in the new place...the old place seems even dearer and more wonderful.

On the other hand, I should be having my formal interview for minstry soon, I hope. I am hopeful that process will shed much light on my future...and God's intentions for me.

Pray for me, that I will find my place in the now and not live in the past or future as is so easy and tempting to do. Pray that I will continue to remember that my home is not on this earth...and never will be. Pray that I will make good friends...the right friends, to share in this time in my life. Pray that I would be a light and friend to those I interact with.

Write to me, and encourage me....i'm commanding you! just kidding. I am trying to do better with keeping in touch. so i may write you back.

All my love.........from southern california/Amy

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