Sunday, February 5, 2017

Five Things That Made Me Happy This Week

We live in a trying time. This is perhaps always true, but for myself, the first month of the year has been a challenge. Between sifting through legitimate issues and problems, panic and misinformation, I have realized I need to step back from the immediacy of a constant stream of news and focus. It doesn't help that I have my own personal issues to contend with.

When things are hard it's the little things...the little pop culture things that have nothing to do with my own life that often provide a bit of respite and pleasure and so this year I'm going to try to recap the things I enjoyed the most in the previous week! For this week, I made gifs to go with it, but I can't promise I'll do that every week.

1) The Good Place was renewed!

I loved this show a lot for it's generally good heart, good humor, clever cliffhangers. The ratings weren't totally awesome so it was a bit unsure if it would live to see another season, but it will! I really recommend catching up on the show if you can.

2) TWD aired a promo that featured a smiling Rick and Michonne!

The first half of the seventh season of The Walking Dead was a bit dark. Okay really dark. And there is still a huge foe that our heroes must face. It's a resistance. But they are willing to start making that fight together. And my favorite characters smiling (and being in love) is still a great thing!

3) Carlos Martinez signed an extension with the St. Louis Cardinals.

Cardinals had some bad news with the punishment for the hacking incident being handed down but managed to cheer us all up by signing our favorite young pitcher to an extension. Martinez has a lot of talent and a lot of personality so it's nice I won't have to watch him on another team!

4) NBC aired Powerless and it's adorable

With The Good Place being done for the year, I was sad about no comedies to watch. I have a very particular taste so while I tried a few popular options, I didn't really like them. Critics didn't like this one, but I found it adorable and even somewhat timely. Vanessa Hudgens in particular is great. Looking forward to seeing more!

5) Meryl Davis and Charlie White participated in Art on Ice

I'm a huge ice dance fan as those of you who follow me on Twitter know! Current competition has been a bit disappointing for me this year with hard outings for my favorites and a retirement by one of my favorite young teams. So it was nice to finally see some video of Davis and White at Art On Ice with a beautiful performance to Adagio for Strings.

So what little things made you happy this week? (personal life stuff or pop culture please! this is our escape space)

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