Saturday, December 24, 2016

Merry Christmas everyone

For whatever reason, every year at Christmas I feel compelled to talk about how Christmas isn't necessarily a happy time, but rather a hopeful one.

Of course I love the "happy stuff" too. I love Christmas romances, cheery music, tasty food. But Christmas carries with it the end of the year. For half the world, it takes place in winter--the darker longer colder days. And because time marches on with no respect to what is happening in our lives, terrible things can happen around the holidays. There's a heavy emphasis on consumerism and spending time with family and love in general and for some of us, there are times when none of those things are relevant.

But despite all of that, Christmas is a time of hope. It's a time where we are encouraged to remember. For people of faith, like myself, we are encouraged to remember that we are not alone, that God remembered us and in the darkest of days sent his Son wrapped in flesh. For all of us, though, we are encouraged to remember that goodness exits. That hope is alive. That what seems impossible and hard and heart breaking right now doesn't have to be forever. That better days might lie ahead. That Someday at Christmas, me will be free. Maybe not in time for you and me...but someday.

2016 was a hard year in many ways for many people, but good things still happened. Progress has still been made. And will continue to be made.

Enjoy your families, cherish your freedoms, soak in warmth, cheer, kindness, and togetherness this Christmas. Have a good one. Take the rest that is meant for your soul at this time and fortify yourself for the very great work of building towards a "Someday at Christmastime" that lies ahead.


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