Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Crazy Rich Asians and China Rich Girlfriend by Kevin Kwan

I remember that when Crazy Rich Asians first came out it made quite the splash, but I didn't really have a chance to read it. Recently, I wanted something totally different to the steady diet of thrillers I feed myself and was delighted to give this a try and discover that I absolutely loved it!

Crazy Rich Asians is an apt title as apart from our darling and normal protagonists, Rachel and Nick, everyone is in fact...crazy rich! It's a world Rachel knows nothing about and is not at all prepared for when her fairly serious boyfriend, Nicholas, asks her to spend the summer with him in Singapore and attend a good friend's wedding. He doesn't tell her anything about her family so she is completely unprepared for his unwelcoming family and the fact that the wedding they are attending is the IT event of the summer!

So, you know, drama unfolds. The characters are all pretty great and what I really liked is that it was possible to see where Nick's mother was coming from as well as Rachel. And it's funny and touching and romantic and I just liked it a lot. I see it's classified as wealth porn by some but tbh I found that the sequel, China Rich Girlfriend, much more so.

I liked China Rich Girlfriend where the story moves into China and we learn more Hong Kong high society and classism and the way the Chinese rich spend money but there was too much focus on describing all the impossible ways they spend money! Even so, it was an interesting follow-up with the memorable characters of Crazy Rich Asians and a much more satisfying conclusion to Astrid's story, I must say! The characters did feel a bit more black and white in this one.

So if you enjoy stories about insanely rich people, social positioning, and even some generational and culture clash, you might enjoy these!


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