Sunday, June 28, 2015

Happy Summer Everyone!

Dusting off the blog because there are actually a lot of things I do want to write about. I need to get myself back in the mode.

I've read some good book this year and listened to a few audio, but due to life changes, I haven't read anything for awhile. I'll be changing that soon, though!

I haven't seen any movies since winter, but I want to see Jurassic World and Inside Out and any terrible looking horror movies that might come out.

I've been enjoying the Cardinals season so much! I was going to write a confessional about the FBI investigation (the Cardinals are suspected of hacking into the Astros's kind of a weird story and is not a straight up cheating story as many baseball fans would have you believe) made me feel, but then I processed my feelings without writing. Amazing. But maybe I'll still write about it.

Aaaand that sums up my entertainment life, lol.

This is the shortest blog post in history, but the point is to have made it so that I soon start writing posts about books and such!

Would love updates from all of you!


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