Monday, March 23, 2015

HBO Documentary: It's Me, Hilary: The Man Who Drew Eloise

Tonight, HBO will air a documentary about the illustrator of the Eloise books, Hilary Knight. Eloise is the little girl who lived in the Plaza Hotel and the storybooks were wildly popular. They ignited the imaginations of little girls throughout time as this documentary discusses.

In fact, one of those girls was Lena Dunham who is one of the executive producers of this film. She loved Eloise so much that when she was 17, she had an image of Eloise tattooed on her! She appears in this documentary since she befriended Knight a few years ago.

I personally love learning about the creative process and creative people, and Eloise is such an iconic children's book that I really looked forward to this documentary. And it doesn't disappoint. The film adequately explores the history of Eloise...from Kay Thompson and her eccentric and controlling ways to the eventual break in relationship with Knight that ended the books.

But Knight signed a contract so early in his career that he forfeited all rights to ever drawing Eloise again. When something like that happens to a person, what do they do? They've been stripped of one of their most essential creative outlests. It's Me Hilary answers a bit of that, showcasing some of his other works and the way in which he engages his imagination in present day.

It's Me, Hilary includes a detailed history of the Eloise books, interviews with celebrities, family, and friends, footage through the years of Knight and rare at home shots of the ways in which he expresses himself creatively now. It's a treat for anyone who enjoys learning about creative people and a wonderful slice of history regarding one of our most iconic children's book illustrations.

It premieres tonight on HBO at 9:00 PM. It will also run at multiple other times throughout the week including the 26th at 10: 30 AM and 4:45 PM, and the 28th at 12:45 PM. Please note that even though this is about a children's illustrator, it's not suitable for children.

Many thanks to HBO for an advanced screener!


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