Wednesday, November 19, 2014

TWD Catch-up!

Since a few people actually asked my thoughts on recent TWD episodes, I thought I'd post! Hopefully I can get back in the swing of sharing thoughts on a weekly basis..even though there are only two episodes left before another hiatus :(

I've really enjoyed the season for the most part! I do have to say I'm surprised they split up the group again so quickly employing the same methods of character development they used last season when I was fairly certain they said they wouldn't do that again. Even so, it's been successful for the most part--I absolutely loved the episode with Beth in the hospital (this episode proves the spinoff has a chance imo) and I enjoyed Daryl and Carol's episode a lot as well. The one with Abraham and Eugene and company..I don't know I am just not warming up to those two characters and the writers still haven't given Rosita much POV at all. It's really frustrating to me because I think they have succeeded with Tara, she's get who she is, but Rosita is like a blank slate still and it's just kind of sad to me. So yeah that episode bored me, ugh.

Bob's death was painful and sad, poor Sasha. I did really love the reason he gave for not telling her the second he was bit, that's been one of my favorite death moments on the show. Sometimes this show gets emotional truth so well. I feel like at the time I had ~thoughts about the brutal slaughter taking place in the church--a place of sanctuary and I had a lot of thoughts on Michonne and her katana, but it's been too long now.

Anyway, I was kind of bummed that Carol was actually captured by evil hospital people and it wasn't a set up, but I'm curious to see how everything plays out!

So yeah, I'm really enjoying the season, but I'm thinking are more tightly integrated next week--how about you guys? What do you think?


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