Monday, October 20, 2014

The Walking Dead 5x02: Strangers

Great episode, I suspect the show is really on a roll.

Loved all things Rick and Michonne. Love that Michonne is fighting for some kind of life and therefore doesn't miss her sword, lol. It's actually character growth, I think, though I suspect she'll be just fine to be reunited with it since she's so quick and able with it. I love what the sword represents to Michonne's character and I will have to spend some time thinking about it more.

Lol, I don't know really know why Rick is still the leader (i.e. when everyone told Abraham they'd do what Rick said) but whatever, the show seems to want to have a leader. For those of you who are primarily Carol fans, was Rick's ...uh...asking her if they'd have him, enough? I do love Carol, but I know that I'm biased towards Rick and I felt that he did humble himself with her, but at the same time seemed to express that he still wasn't sure over what she'd done. I do get why it might be a hard thing to come to terms with... I know fandom is quick to forgive, but it's only because the show had her kill people that barely had screen time. If she'd killed Daryl or Maggie or Glenn for the sake of the group, I feel like it would have had more impact insofar as viewers understanding how it felt to the others. But obviously, I'm glad she didn't! Anyway, I found it interesting that she echoed Tyreese's words, i.e. I can't talk about it.

Father Gilliam is intriguing! Also, I loved the church scene, like they were eating a potluck and Abraham gave a sermon, lol. And Tara asked for Maggie's forgiveness. I don't know it was all nicely placed and just exuded warmth.

Daryl and Carol totally took off without telling anyone! And omg poor Bob. That was an exceptionally well done piece of horror, I must say, though so very sad. Bob was totally bitten, right? :( So sad.

Also, I've been kind of...what are they doing with Tyreese, but Chad L. Coleman, who plays Tyreese, pointed out on The Talking Dead that it's an interesting gender role reversal..which I totally hadn't thought about at all.

Tell me all your thoughts and feelings!


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