Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Zombie Book Club

Hi everyone,

I haven't finished the book for this month yet, apologies! I will post just as soon as I can. Lol, this is basically why I should never host readalongs.

But!! I wanted to drop a few notes of importance. Since this is a surviving The Walking Dead hiatus book club, you should all know that AMC is running a marathon of our beloved show this weekend! AND HUGE BONUS at the end of the marathon, will be a special edition of The Talking Dead Looking forward to Season 5!!! Wheee! WHAT'S MORE in the following weeks the network will show two The Walking Dead documentaries. So yes it's still a looong way away but AMC is giving us a little something to tide us over! (hopefully they'll give us more webisodes, too?)

Also, SYFY has begun casting for their zombie show coming this fall and it's so exciting that at some point next year we might have three zombie shows on TV. Viva the undead!

Anyway, please forgive me for being behind in my reading, I'll catch up as soon as I can!


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