Wednesday, May 21, 2014

TV Stuff!

1. Orphan Black!!! I'm always super sad when there's an episode with no Alison, but I sort of like how Alison is locked up in rehab as a punishment for her crimes, hopefully she won't ever go to actual jail. And the most recent episode did move me to tears. I really like the exploration of identity on the show, and this past episode was aces with that for me. Also, I have never really connected with Helena but for the first time I really felt her as a character on an emotional level and not just a cerebral one? So I have to draw the conclusion that letting her live was the right thing, there was still more mileage to get out of the character. Also, we know Cal is a good guy because Kira trusts him. OMG the religious zealots (sorry I forget their name) are creepier than creepy the thought of forcing their daughter (?) to carry the baby's horrifying! I loooooved Brother Sestra, heh. Major kudos to Jordan Gavaris btw, that scene where Paul forces him down to put his prints on the gun was perfectly acted everything about it. A+++ I love this show. (ETA while writing this I came across this quote about the show which I looooove)

2. I also binged watched Those Who Kill recently. I'm so sad it didn't gain a wider audience as I think it might be the best of the serial killer dramas I've watched in recent times. In fact, I almost plunged into a depression around the fourth episode thinking about how it was perfect for fans of Gillian Flynn, especially, like, Sharp Objects, because of the complicated female protagonist and family relationships, but no one was talking about it. I really love how the show completely CREEPED me out in the pilot episode (upon first viewing it unsettled me so much, I couldn't stop thinking about it) but then kind of...completely flipped what I thought was happening into something else. And then really effectively built an ongoing mystery and tension in the lives of the main characters that made me feel like I had to immediately watch the next episode. This is one Danish show I didn't watch the Danish version of, but I noticed that the individual episodes were based on the individual episodes of the Danish version? And I think that might have made the adaptation more successful than say, The Bridge.

3. Also FINALLY caught up on The Fosters and omg I'm so scared the Brandon and Callie of it all is going to ruin this otherwise lovely show. I thought for a hot second the show was getting it right, but it's almost like they are paying lip service to what they know in their heads to be right while continuing to drag out Brandon and Callie's romantic entanglements. I'm doing my best to give the show the benefit of the doubt, but I've watched enough teen shows that this is HARD, okay? Otherwise, LOL at the high drama!!

4. Jill, I am FINALLY catching up on Bitten! I am like on episode 4, lol.

5. Don't laugh but I really loved The Originals final episodes, and the finale made me cry! I feel like overall the first season was strong, even if it wasn't exactly what I wanted. I'll actually watch again during the fall when before I thought I'd be done after this season. I'm curious to see what transpires.

6. I was excited about approximately 0 new shows during upfronts week, though I'm sure I'll check some stuff out in the fall. I guess I am sort of looking forward to Jane the Virgin, don't even laugh. I don't care about ridiculous premises as a fan of things like zombies and supernatural warring factions in New Orleans, I get that a premise is not a show. What I care about is heart and intrigue. I was also like thrilled to see Maggie Q in a trailer...she looks amazing and gorgeous and badass but the show looks boring unforch.

7. I sort of kept up with Dancing with the Stars for Meryl Davis and Charlie White as previously mentioned. The last time I wrote about this a few people asked me what a shipper is! Basically "shipping" is wanting two people (or more but let's keep it simple) to be in a romantic relationship. So like, to use a book example, I "shipped" Katniss and Peeta. I usually stick to shipping fictional characters, but people definitely ship real people and that's what happened to Meryl Davis on Dancing with the Stars. Like, soooo many people wanted her and Maks to be together because they had a lot of sexual chemistry on the dance floor and the show led you to believe Meryl was ~taming Maks. (I think that for her part, Meryl tried to counteract that by talking about the positive ways Maks was rubbing off on her, etc.) I didn't realize this would happen since I'd never watched the show before! (I still haven't really watched the show, I mostly ff'd to Meryl and Charlie). It's kind of an interesting phenomenon and made me think about a lot of things with regards to dance and gender etc. Anyway, yay Meryl won and sorry everyone but Meryl and Charlie are still better than Meryl and Maks in my book all day everyday.

That's all for now!! What are you guys watching?


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