Saturday, May 3, 2014

Orphan Black! And other stuff

*Ana wrote a nice post with all the background links for #weneeddiversebooks in case you saw all the tweets and were wondering where it all came from!

*It has already been in the high 90s this week, I am so ready for it to cool down!

Okay TV stuff.

Orphan Black

Wow I really really enjoyed this week's episode and I don't know if I was just watching it at the right time or what, but I thought it was smart and also beautifully shot with meaningful direction. For example, this shot of Delphine. Or this one of Helena. Plus, golden Felix stuff, not that I like seeing him in tears, but I absolutely love that he's not just a sidekick but his needs and place in everything is well considered. Of course he was hurt not knowing about Cal and of course those fears made sense once you see the nice family shot of Sarah, Cal, and Kira...where would he see himself fitting in there? I also love that he went to Alison's musical. I knew Cosima wouldn't care!! It's not that she doesn't have a lot on her own plate or that she's obligated to care, but I just knew she wouldn't, it's not her MO. Admittedly, I had to bite back my rage when I saw someone on tumblr say it was really sad Cosima was dealing with her illness all alone (yes, I agree), when Alison's biggest issue was her musical and obviously Cosima's concerns are more important. Um, no? Alison isn't only dealing with being in a musical, she's in a musical where she is playing the role her best friend was supposed to play. Her best friend just recently passed away in a situation where Alison, passively allowed her to die and the guilt has been overwhelming--only one person knows, that's Felix. Additionally, she's realized said friend wasn't her monitor as originally thought but it is in fact her husband. And yet, when she feels another monitor has come along, she calls Cosima and warns her because she cares. Of course Cosima and Sarah don't know all of this, but the audience DOES. So the audience should not buy into the subtle belittling of Alison Hendrix that is happening, okay?

Anyway! POOR HELENA OMG. Also, loved Sarah talking so frankly with Kira about her own feelings about her childhood. I sort of feel stupid that I didn't guess that Cal was Kira's dad until like five minutes before he asked. Cal and Sarah are hot and I like him ten thousand times more than Paul and I hope he doesn't die or turn out to be evil. Also, just because it needs to be said all the time, Tatiana Maslany is simply amazing. In just a few minutes I also totally fell for Jennifer and she's already dead :( But I think that's a combination of Tatiana's great acting and also just how utterly endearing her face has become.

The 100

I don't know you guys I like this show. But CW shows tend to have a 12-13 episode shelf-life for me, so who knows if it will last. But this shot right here makes me hope it does because I could really really dig Bellamy x Clarke. I've been unsure as to the show's intentions, but I started feeling them pretty early on even though it seemed clear they were setting up Clarke and Finn? But then Finn cheated on Raven after nine days??? Omg. Oh well, Bellamy and Clarke's dynamic is super hot and intense with just the right push and pull...I like it. And I think the show does, too. So yay. On a side note, I do feel sad for Isaiah Washington and Henry Ian Cusick that they are playing adults on a teen show, but lol that's what you get for being a Shonda Rhimes castoff, I guess!

Person of Interest

I've just started season two and I love Root! I think I'm supposed to not like her, but I sort of love that she's a villain motivated by boredom, lol. Also, it all went over my head before about how they are located in a library, but I really love it now...I mean libraries are gateways of information just like the machine. It's pretty cool.

I'm behind on everything else! Hope to catch up soon, but I also like reading and have to work and stuff, so you

What's up with you all!!! Did you guys buy any diverse books yesterday? How's the weather? Are you surviving allergies???


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