Sunday, April 20, 2014

Some Stuff I Watched and then some other stuff

I'm awesome at titles, right?


Orphan Black is back and I'm so happy! I have no deep thoughts, but my heart exploded with love for Alison like ten times so there's that. I mean ALISON. That play was hilarious, I was loling @ the writers for those lyrics (wipe away the plasma???). But Alison remains just so loveable to me, perfectly delightful, my favorite, the queen of my heart, etc.

I continue to be blown away by the talent that is Tatiana Maslany. Last season I never really thought about how it was one person playing all these characters because they were so distinct to me, but in the off season I've seen lots of little things about how they make the show so it kind of heightened my awareness of it all. She really inhabits each character so well, though. Amazing.

I don't really like that Delphine is getting shoved down my throat as Cosima's love interest. I wish that I felt for the character more, but I mostly don't trust her and don't ever think she'll be one hundred percent conflict free in her relationship with Cosima and while I wish I found that interesting, I don't and just want her away from my girls :(

The Returned Season 1

It's been awhile since I watched this and Jodie has written a very nice post about this show already, but I just wanted to add my voice to the recommendations for it. If you like subtle, by the way, and think America drama spells out too much you will LOVE this, lol, half the time I was like I NEED MORE DETAILS. Anyway this is a show about a small mysterious French town in which a bunch of their dead suddenly return, just like the day they died. It's interesting to watch as these people come back to their lives and Jodie brings up lots of stuff about the nature of that I didn't even consider while watching. I was pretty into the story between the twin sisters and found their relationship drama super compelling and really human. But I liked all of it...I kind of wish I had written about it while it was fresh in my mind. The ending had me raising my eyebrows a bit, but I'll still be watching season 2.

Justified Season 1

Omg this took me foreverrr. I actually started watching this show when it first started airing and then lost track of it. I kept wanting to watch it, though, and while I liked it, I really feel like I could take it or leave it--the best part undoubtedly remains Timothy Olyphant to me. Anyway, my friend promised me it gets better after season 1 so I think I will try season 2 but I might take a little break first. I did really like the fourth episode because it felt like a pure Western to me, but for some reason none of the other episodes quite hit that same level of craft for me. (and that was kind of a stand alone, oh well)

Person of Interest Season 1

I surprisingly liked this show quite a bit. I'm watching it with Jodie and while it's very proceduralish and some of the production choices make me roll my eyes, it has an interesting premise and asks you to kind of go along with these obviously shady dudes as your heroes. And it raises some interesting questions about information and government and knowledge. There's an ongoing narrative about their pasts and the history of the machine that is pretty interesting as well, and I really loved the finale for a couple of different reasons. I do hope to watch season 2 soon, but I'm hoping Jodie will join me again and she hasn't quite finished yet. :)

So it sounds like I'm watching a lot of TV but this actually goes back several months! Plus, I'm barely current on anything on right now, as most of this stuff I watch right before sleeping. I am current on Bates Motel and that's about it. And well obviously Orphan Black.

Other Stuff!!

I signed up for the readathon! It has been ages since I've participated but it's just sort of rolling around at the right time. Also, I don't know, I've been feeling so meh about all my internet involvement lately and the last several times I've tried to organize things they've all been close to flops. I feel a little bit like I don't have much of a current internet community and my attempts at putting things together in the past have been to try to generate that but it hasn't really worked like I'd hoped. And while I was thinking about this I realized I could just go to the places where other people are already doing things. Like the readathon! I mean the readathon is the first book blogging event I participated in so many years ago and it's still going. I'm excited to participate and amass snacks and put together a huge stack of books and dream I will get through them all when really I'll maybe manage one and a half.

Having said that I'm still planning on zombie! book club just as soon as I can get some sort of graphic made a list of books to vote on! So hopefully this week.


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