Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Going Over Blog Tour! With Special Guest Post from Beth Kephart and Giveaway!

I'm so pleased to be hosting Beth Kephart on her blog tour for Going Over, today! You can read my review of this magnificent book here!

GOING OVER: The first (first) page

Here is something true about my first, second, and third drafts of books. The first pages always have to go. They’re like revved engines, primped hair, extra jewelry, second desserts. They may seem appealing for a little while there, but after awhile, they are revealed for what they actually are—too much noise, too much fluff, too many extra calories.

Still, it's kind of fun (once you’ve survived the editing jitters) to look back on how a book began. Here, then, I share the first page of the original GOING OVER, before a very special editor named editor Tamra Tuller said, Well, hmmmmmmm.



My mother knows, she’s watching—her breath icing the window and a smudge of old blue beneath her eyes. In the morning, the single whitened pane of glass will suffer like a cloud.

“I’m back, Mutti.”

“Danke, Ada.”

She will sleep, then, until the day comes for her, while Omi stirs her coffee with the smallest brick of bread.


Aw, so cool! I loved getting a glimpse of the first page!

Start reading the book for yourself with this free excerpt!

And be sure to check out the book trailer!

And Going Over has an incredible playlist! Check it out and imagine Ada and Stefan listening to these songs! ♥

Now for the giveaway!

I am happy to offer a signed copy of the book plus an audiobook to one lucky winner! To enter, just fill out the form below. Winners must be US or Canadian residents. Winner will be notified by email on April 10th!

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