Thursday, April 10, 2014

9 Thoughts for the Weekend

*Life goes in cycles. I remember Meghan talking once about how she cycles between video games and reading, and I'm like that with TV and books. Lately I'd prefer to read than to watch anything it feels like. I'm still watching a few things that I enjoy, but nothing that's like...inspiring me. It's hard to explain. But yay for reading! I had two reviews this week and I'll have at least three next week so long as I can write them.

*I think the fact that most shows I enjoy are 10-13 episodes long is the problem. Like, by the time they come back a whole year has passed and I'm in a different place. And while I definitely watch TV as entertainment, I also watch it for a lot of the same reasons I read, so by the time a show comes back it might not hit me in the right way again. Does this make sense? Like, I still objectively realize The Americans is a good show and I still enjoy it a lot, but I'm not connecting with it the same way as I did last year. Bates Motel is depressing me big time, because I think I just feel the heaviness of it all so much more. etc. I still love both of these shows, but they aren't lighting a fire in me, I guess. I'm looking forward to Orphan Black, though, because ALISON. Anyway, I think The Walking Dead's 16 episodes split in fall and summer model might actually be the most ideal cable can get for me. So basically, everyone talks about how much better cable's shorter seasons are, but this right here is the downfall of it all for me.

*I am ff'ing through Dancing with the Stars for the first time in my life, just to see Meryl Davis and Charlie White. I can't decide which of them I want to win. I like the dances, but they are really short, I don't know. Anyway, I bring this up because I was puzzling over something today. Meryl is partnered with Maksim Chermikovsky who has a rather....uh interesting history with his partners--he's not patient or kind, a bit of a jerk? But he's all doting on Meryl and this has sent a lot of his fans and hers into shipper glee, talking about how she's the kind of girl that can tame him, etc. I have to admit I was in a little bit of shock when I first started reading this because it was nearly identical language to what I hear a lot of shippers say about bad boy ships in fictional TV shows--and it's an idea I generally reject. If someone is a jerk and treats other women poorly, they will probably eventually treat their special girl poorly, too. I read Meryl's tumblr tag on a fairly regular basis and today I saw someone say something about how the right person can bring out the best in you. And well, this is also something I agree with, that some personalities mesh better than others, etc. But I don't know, like I find the whole idea that Meryl is just so much better (as a person not as a dancer which obvs she is) than the previous women Maks was partnered with that she's able to bring out the gentler side of him, etc. I feel like it ends up kind of...blaming the other women for Maks treatment of them which doesn't sit well with me. There has to be a happy medium right? Like, yes some people bring out the best in you, but on the other hand, that doesn't give you an excuse to be a jerk to everyone else? I hope this makes sense! Anyway, Meryl and Maks certainly fit a popular shipping trope as evidence by how many people are shipping them!

*The Rosemary's Baby mini-series is airing a month from today, you guys!!! I'm so excited! I hope it's great.

*I'm also on a nonfiction reading kick which is the weirdest thing ever.

*The movie for A Monster's Call is set for 2016. That seems so long from now!!

*A terrible looking horror movie is coming out this weekend so naturally I want to see it. I just like bad horror movies, I don't know. Of a certain kind, though! Slasher films need not apply.

*That reminds me that I saw a trailer for The Purge II and it looks like it takes place on the street which a lot of people maybe it will be better than the first one? I know I'll see it.

*Has anyone seen Noah? I do want to see it and I love that once I do there's already a ton of interesting and thoughtful stuff on the Christian internet for me to read about it!

UGH I wanted to make this a belated Thursday Thirteen and I had so many random thoughts today but I forgot to jot them all down. So here have nine thoughts instead! HAPPY WEEKEND ALL!


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