Friday, March 21, 2014

Film Club!!! And More on TWD (of course)

First things first!

*I think I'm ready to revive film club! But in an extremely casual way at first. Instead of having a year of movies planned out, instead I think when there's a movie I think might be worth discussing, I'll announce a discussion date and hope some of you will join in?

This came about when I realized I should probably watch Fargo soon before the show starts. Yeah this is a classic I've never seen! I probably won't even like it, but I still feel like I should see it? The show premieres on FX on April 15th. about we discuss the movie April 8th? It's currently available on Netflix Instant and for Amazon Prime members. Also, since this is a movie probably so many people have seen hopefully there will be something to discuss even if you can't watch it!

Also, I was thinking we could do some book/movie combos etc...but the glory of it is that I am NOT planning it out ten months in advance :D

*I have managed to refrain from writing about TWD every day this week, but I'm just reveling in how smart and literary the show has been this season? Like, looking at some of the art on Tumblr amazes me how much more thought has gone into things. This gifset is a great example. Also, if you watch The Talking Dead you know the puzzle they were putting together was of SOPHIA. I don't know, it's so weird, like after my disappointment with the way the first half of the season devoted so much time to The Governor, I've just been loving this second half so much, maybe more than I've ever loved the show. I guess I really like Scott Gimple's vision for the show. He said something this week that I just loved so much and I think really sums up what I love about the show? Like, yes it's horrific and there are zombies and the world is so very clearly not the world we live in but at the same time, in the middle of all that awfulness, there are still good things? And it's knowing there are good things and uncovering those good times that make the bad things so much worse. Well, what he said was, "To know that life can be good too is both heartening and extremely painful." Because yessss. Like maybe that seems so obvious, but I think for anyone who has gone through a long period of discouragement or depression and knows what it's like to have little rays of hope or sunshine, this just makes so much sense. Because you live for just that little bit of transient goodness. Waaah, I don't want the season to be ending in two weeks!

*I did read a negative review of TWD where they complained about a lot of things including the show making it too explicit that Lizzie was responsible for feeding the rats at the prison. This complaint always puzzles me, tbh, because if shows aren't really obvious than viewers are confused. And it wasn't like TWD just dropped it out there awkwardly--it fit really nicely into the progression of what was happening. It was an important thing for Tyreese to discover AND it was important for the show to establish why Lizzie couldn't have been responsible for killing Karen and David which was a hugely popular theory. Additionally, it showed again that Tyreese was in turmoil over not knowing what happened and built a bridge to Carol's confession at the end. In other words, I thought it was perfect. In fact, I think this show just did an excellent job of showing how much the theory of Carol covering for Lizzie never would have worked with who these characters are.

So lol, I don't know. Why do people complain about things being too explicit on shows? I think when it comes mystery and myth, it's a good thing. I mean people still don't realize "they weren't dead all along" on Lost! Speaking of Lost, they had a Paley Fest panel and talked about how the show and made me seriously crave a rewatch. (Debi, please please please consider watching Lost during TWD's hiatus!!!)

That is all for now! What are your plans for the weekend, friends?


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