Monday, March 3, 2014

Assorted Stuff

*Ever since Orphan Black's first season ended I was lulled into forgetting that I love Alison Hendrix and Alison and Felix's friendship to itty bitty pieces. Looooove. Well, Orphan Black (or BBC America? who exactly?) has been releasing little teasers daily and today's was Alison and Felix and I've watched it like a million times, lol. READ NO FURTHER IF YOU DON'T WANT TO BE SPOILED!! I love beyond words that Alison tells Felix, I love beyond words that he says to her "not really, you know, just like hardly" about killing Aynsley, omggggggg. It's so perf in every way. They are adorable. Lol, I ship their friendship more than almost any romantic ship I've ever shipped, tbh! Anyway, I have my little fears about the sophmore slump, but fingers crossed because....

*The Americans is in top form. Seriously, I forgot spring TV was the thing, it's so rich and delightful and satisfying and varied. The Americans in particular set up a new storyline with the return and I like it. I feel like the stakes are higher than before and I have a feeling I'll be pausing a lot to catch my breath this season!

*Even though I watched a ton of TV this weekend to catch up on all I missed in February, I'm still a bit behind on The Fosters because my DVR didn't record one of the episodes, but aw I just. How is this show so achingly sweet? I sobbed my eyes out during the episode "Padre" when Stef's dad died and Callie remembered her mother's death and decided she needed a family more than a boyfriend, THE SHOW GOT IT RIGHT WOOOO. And also ♥. I loved every beat. I loved how Stef had that...dream in the beginning where things were normal and right with her father, the deepest longing of her heart like dreams so often reveal. I feel the religious stuff, which I disliked the handling of in the first half of the season, was more sensitively and realistically addressed. I like that even with the revelation of how much her father was struggling to accept her and questioning his own beliefs, Stef remained tough her outer shell in place BECAUSE OF COURSE. And aw Callie, I can you not love and feel so much for these characters?

And in the next episode, Callie's breadcrumbs present to Jude???? So sweet and perfect and full of so much hope with they both deserve! The only thing I dislike is how one note they continue to make Talya! Whyyyy show.

*I enjoyed The Walking Dead but wow I really better hope my Grimes clan is around for the long term because I just don't enjoy episodes without them nearly as much. Even so, the show did a GREAT job with Beth just fab. They really milked having these two personalities together with no idea what else there is left and gave us all kinds of great character work that you can really believe happening. I always enjoy when the show explicitly acknowledges that Daryl's life is better post-zombie...I mean it's kind of a weird reality. But I feel like this season is engaging those ideas more...yes the world is hell but there are all these people who were on the margins before who actually have it better. Like, Michonne having more power (I loved how Danai said on The Talking Dead that the men in her life were threatened because she became more powerful and they became less powerful) and Daryl becoming a decent guy with friends who helps people out. This is the first real grief I think Daryl is feeling over the loss of healthy relationships which is how Beth is able to almost guide him...she'd done it before.

*I didn't watch the Oscars and I watched only one thing nominated...Cutie and the Boxer. This documentary is currently on Netflix and I really recommend it! It's about a Japanese artist and his wife and their art. Lol, it's kind of hard to explain, but I found myself oddly touched by it and it made me think a lot about life narratives and the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves. But also it was a little bit like watching modern starving artists! (even if they are quite elderly!) Has anyone else watched it? I'd love to discuss or hear your thoughts!

*Random, but my favorite 2014 book is still May's We Were Liars. I find myself thinking about it quite a lot! Who's read it? I can't wait until it's out so we can talk about it openly!! What books are you guys looking forward to coming out the rest of the year?


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