Friday, March 28, 2014

A TWD Finale Poll!! And a Few Other Little Things

*Beth Kephart has a new book out next week and it's a good one! This blog will be a stop on her blog tour, but before then you can download a free Kindle sample of Going Over. As soon as I started it I just swelled up with love for her beautiful writing and gentle world view! Don't miss it!

*TWOP announced it's closing. This made me feel sadder than it probably should have--I don't really use it anymore except in some rare cases. But it's funny because just a few days ago I was thinking about how it was nice to have a place where you could read discussion of a show unfold as it was airing if you were watching after the fact. Episode discussion threads were always supposed to remain spoiler free and there are definitely shows where I could see this being an advantage. But alas it will all soon be lost. The internet is constantly changing and I don't even know where people go to talk and new people anymore!

Anyway, I was totally on TWOP this past week reading theories about the finale of The Walking Dead. I can't remember the last time I was so excited for a finale--probably last year's TWD, tbh! I also read an interview with Danai where she said she's read all the speculation and no one has it right--the ending is supposed to be really surprising and apparently Robert Kirkman has said the ending will torture fans with suspense all summer long or something. Joy.

So, since I know a few of you watch I thought it might be fun to poll you and see what you think the finale holds. Feel free to comment and tell me what you think will happen vs. what you want to have happen etc.

Oh also...I don't know, TWD hiatuses are the worst, and I suspect I'll be feeling tempted to read the comics again this year which I don't want to do (SORRY COMICS FANS but everytime I read a plot synopsis of something in the comics for the show I realize I don't want to read them lol) would anyone be up for a zombie book club? I am hesitant to suggest it, but I do actually like reading zombie books and have quite a few on my shelf that I haven't read. We could maybe...have a monthly discussion of a book in place of weekly episode discussions? Y/N? I think it COULD be cool since it would give us a shared reference of different post-apocalyptic zombie worlds! You know I'm all about that. But if no one wants to do it, I totally understand and can just do it on my own! :)

Okay here's the poll!


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