Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Happy Olympics!

Lol, sorry my figure skating week turned out to be a bust. I mean I did have two nice guest posts, though, right?

I meant to review a book I haven't finished and do a Thursday Thirteen on the skaters for today...but, I don't know. Remember how I wrote that thing about realizing my blog was never going to be what it used to be? Apparently that's something I need to relearn everyday. I don't understand how I can still misjudge time so much.

But on the bright side, I got to go see Andrew Peterson tonight! Some of you who have been with me for a long time know Andrew is my favorite singer/songwriter, in a way that one else will ever be. I always want to try to find a way to put it into words, but I still haven't and it's a relationship that is still evolving? (I mean my relationship to his music) It was a wonderful time that made my heart feel like bursting with joy and I also cried a lot. That's just the way these things go. I first discovered his music when my heart was all tender and shattered and I went to see another singer and I dragged my brother with me (lol) and he was opening and the rest is history. Maybe some of you have an artist you feel this way about, too! I always feel so refreshed and inspired and comforted in the deepest way, which was something I really needed right now.

Anyway, the Olympics start today and they should be fun! I hope you get a chance to enjoy them!


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