Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Walking Dead 4x08--Too Far Gone

I don't actually have many thoughts. I'm sort of assessing the first half of the season and the truth is that while I was willing to go with the show for the first several episodes those Governor episodes like...killed a lot of my interest. And so this episode spent another solid chunk of time with him... I just.. ugh.

Having said that, here are a few thoughts.

*I definitely thought the show was going for some Breaking Bad flavor with these Governor episodes, with how prominently featured the chess set was, and then showing the king trampled underneath a zombie foot. Which, like I can't say there's anything bad about this, I just didn't care. I really feel like The Governor's takedown came too late.

*Aw, I felt sorry for Megan. I actually said, "oh no!" when she got bit. Even if she was annoying child on television.

*:( Hershel. And aw I was really touched when watching The Talking Dead and Lauren Cohan kept choking up! But it was a fitting death, and I'm glad Rick showed so much optimism in his final moments, lol. I don't think you get to "come back from the things you've done" and I think this is the wrong way to look at it. I do think it's possible to find a way forward, though. Hershel's death was so brutal, though, I was especially horrified when he was scooching along on the ground after the first hit! I think everyone longs for a quick death.

*I felt like the episode conveyed an appropriate amount of chaos and it did remind me of the end of season 2--which was my favorite finale, sigh. But I don't think this midseason finale was anything like last year's which was perfect in every way. Anyway, tough to have the group split up, but I look forward to new friendships and stuff?

*Lizzie is the psycho am I right?

*Daryl's reaction to the Carol news was...I don't exactly know.

*Michonne stabbing the Governor was the single best moment of the episode and very cathartic. I'm so glad he's dead.

*Do you think Judith is dead? I'm undecided but when the kids were lugging her out, I was like ARGH BE CAREFUL WITH JUDITH!

I'm looking forward to the second half of the season, I think it has the potential to be good. But I don't feel the same excitement or obsessiveness with the show I'm used to feeling after finales, so...I don't know? I mean I still love this show, I just think I'm glad all that other stuff is behind us now so we can hopefully get back to meaty and juicy stories.

Oh will Daryl and Beth hook up??? IMPORTANT QUESTIONS. Also why didn't Michonne stay with Rick?


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