Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Witches on TV, Baseball, etc.

A couple of shows premiere(d) this week that are focused on witches which has caused all the TV review outlets to mention it. Witches of East End. American Horror Story: Coven. Plus, witches are a big part of the plot on The Originals and Sleepy Hollow.

Why witches, why right now? I've seen it suggested that witches are the female answer to vampires. But...why can't female vampires be the female answer to vampires? I'm guessing there's a lot of history to the depiction of mostly women as witches that has to do with ideas about female power and the fear thereof, but I don't actually know any of this history. In any case, I like the trend because it is stories about women with supernatural powers, but I really don't feel those have to be limited to witches, argh.

In any case, if anyone cares, my feelings on all of these shows:

Witches of East End--this was a little bit cheesier than I like, however, I did like the characters, I like that there are sisters!! and it seems like the sort of mindless fun I can indulge in on Sunday night. I will say, though, that playing "what other TV show is this person on?" is very fun with this show.

AHS: Coven--Haven't watched yet, but after giving last season a miss I'll try this one out because the creepy ads are so fun!! They PULL ME IN.

The Originals:The shock of the season for me is how much I like this. Granted, it's only two episodes in and could get awful, but it has a fresh and energetic feel to it.

Sleepy Hollow: I also like this! The complicated mythology will probably keep me from ever being really into the show, but it's like the perfect fall show with all its creepiness. Admittedly, I do prefer the monster of the week storylines (its like old school Supernatural--and omg so many of you watch Supernatural now, whyyyy am I never on the same page as everyone else) and I like Abbie and Ichabod and Jenny.

So yay for witches and supernatural shows, I guess.

*The Cardinals are advancing to the NLCS and yay. I feel like I should feel guilty because they've been such a winning team for a lot of years now, but I don't know. I became a Cardinals fan because they used to give out free baseball tickets for good grades when I was in school (I grew up in St. Louis). Going to a Cardinals game was my first professional sports games experience and I loved it. I loved having a team to root for, and being a part of something through that. I became full on obsessed, like really hard core obsessed...I used to collect the Cardinals write-ups from the paper and watch/record all the sports shows and their interviews and go to every single game I could. If I couldn't go to the games, I'd watch or listen. I knew every player and their stats. I was a fan. Obviously, I couldn't keep up that extreme level of fandom, but I've never stopped being a fan. Anyway, when I was young and really super into it they were terrible. So to actually have them be a winning team now is so great and so fun and I make no apologies for getting excited every single year. It won't last forever, so I'm going to enjoy it while I can. And it will be a challenge since I live in Southern California now and they are playing the Dodgers in the NLCS!

*I loved this post Ana did about her work recently, and I encourage everyone to read it!

*I'm still not sure I can watch Scandal...I keep reading all this great writing on it, but I tried to watch the Season 3 premiere and I don't know why the show just doesn't work for me anymore. Maybe I do prefer happier TV and more likable characters. But I did like this piece about how Fitz being the worst is the point!

*Consider signing up for a A More Diverse Universe!

That's all for now, have a great day everyone!


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