Monday, October 28, 2013

The Walking Dead 4x03 Isolation and The Good Wife 5x05 Hitting the Fan

The World Series was stinky so at least I had some good dramas to look forward to!

The Walking Dead

I'm not sure how other people feel, but I feel like the show is mostly getting things right this season. I like that there are a lot more character moments and I like the way the threat is evolving.

If there's one thing that's not working for me, it's the new characters? So far they are really falling flat for me, like I don't really care about Bob or Tyreese--I could care about Sascha but she gets like nothing that's her own. This is problematic for me because this is the kind of show that needs to continue to produce characters that I care about--because other characters will need to die.

Like, I see people complaining that the show never kills off any main characters, they are never under threat etc, but ANDREA JUST DIED in the finale. So that's not exactly true? Also, Lori died last season? I mean I don't know what people want. If you kill off too many characters, there will be no one left that anyone cares about.

Anyway, back to this episode I quite liked it. I loved Maggie and Beth's conversation. I loved Hershel and Carl's walk in the woods. I liked seeing crazy, brutal Rick rear his head for a few moments. All of this was great. Michonne and Daryl's moments were super cute. (Apparently Richonne is my OTP but...I pretty much ship everyone on this show) So on the whole I really liked the episode, but lol. I totally missed the fact that Carol was the one who killed Karen and David. When she had her breakdown, I didn't connect the dots, but MAN. I LOVE THIS DEVELOPMENT SO MUCH. There are like no words for how much I love it. I love that Rick just asks her and that Carol just calmly answers. I love how much sense this makes for her character, I love how it becomes an incredibly difficult and complex situation. And see...this right here is why you don't have to kill off the characters to come up with thorny, difficult problems for the survivors or to be taking risks. I didn't care about who killed Karen and David before because I honestly thought it was going to be someone I didn't care about (like the oft suggested Bob). So it came almost like a punch in the gut to realize it was Carol and then I was like....yessss.

Anyway, totally looking forward to how this unfolds.

The Good Wife

I've been waiting and waiting and waiting for this episode! The one where everything came out! And I liked it a lot! (I'm not sure it could live up to the hype it received as the best episode on television this year, etc, but it was smart, funny, and energetic, so I enjoyed it a lot!)

I love that this has sent Alicia into fight mode, I love it a lot. I think it's fun that Peter is doing all sorts of questionable things and everyone is being dirty and backstabby and WHO KNOWS WHERE DIANE WILL END UP? I liked the score!

Also...I'm glad that Alicia's response is to fight because Will yelling at her made me kind of angry.(as much as it made sense as an emotional response in the moment) She owes him nothing? I mean for as much as he did her a favor by hiring her, she has repaid that in full by being a fantastic employee and allowing Lockhart/Gardner to use her because of who she's married to, etc. Also, he crossed ethical lines by sleeping with her? And so...of course Alicia doesn't want to forever be owing her success and future to that kind of favor?

I enjoyed the little parallel with Diane and Cary, too. It's kind of funny because it's like all Will and Diane see are what they've done for Cary and Alicia and not what they'd done to them.

Also, Will is going to build the biggest firm EVER even though last year they were near bankrupt and also he has reputation issues and maybe no Diane!! Details, details.

No seriously, I enjoyed the episode a lot and I'm looking forward to watching the firms battle things out. That episode last year was truly a teaser for what we can expect I think!

So anyway, yay for good TV!


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