Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Walking Dead 4x01--30 Days Without an Accident

You guys, our show is back.

And I love it!

I actually don't have a lot to say about the episode since it was mostly set-up and also I feel like we saw a lot of the stuff that happened in previews leading up to it, but! Here goes anyway:

*Rick--still my fave. I was reading some comments afterwards about how slow the scenes were with him and Clara in the woods and I totally disagree. I don't know, I don't need this show to be non-stop action all the time like it seems so many other people do! The show had to set up a new situation, and I feel like they did a fairly decent job.

Anyway, so at first I thought Clara was some sort of super!zombie, but alas no she was just a human. And I think she was sort of an external manifestation of how so many people surviving in the zombie world feel on the inside. She's desperate, and haunted by the things she's had to do. She's undernourished and dirty and yeah. So anyway, I guess according to The Talking Dead what she said about not being able to come back from the things they've had to do will come back and haunt Rick.

Also, love Rick being all farmer and stuff. I'm not sure it will last? But he's definitely gone to extremes to try to not have to be the violent guy doing violent things and while the showrunner can tell me it's all for his kids, I think it's also for him.

*Rick and Michonne--their little scene was like two seconds long and it was PERFECT. Yes, I ship it.

*Having said that, Daryl and Michonne were also cute. I loved Zach trying to figure out what Daryl was before. Too bad he'll never know. If this episode was setting up season long arcs I think Daryl is going to fall in love ♥

*WOW BETH. She was pretty cool about her boyfriend dying. I'm wondering if she's going to have to lose someone or if she's going to have a breakdown later.

*Need more Sasha and Michonne asap.

*Personally, I love Carol teaching the kids how to defend themselves especially since they are getting a bit too affectionate with the zombies.

*I guess I should address the mystery...I'm guessing that there is another virus making people and animals sick...maybe swine flu, lol? Anyway this is a huge threat because everyone who dies turns so I think it could lead to a lot of really big problems for them. Especially since Patrick seemed to go downhill so fast.

Your thoughts?


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