Monday, July 29, 2013

On My Mind

*The end of July typically has a few cooler days that make me positively hungry for fall. There's just something about the breeze and the way the sun burns that feels like fall (lol yes even though it's upper 80s, you learn to adjust here) But the sad truth is that the worst part of summer is still ahead...Southern California summers last well into actual Fall.

*But of course I'm thinking about Fall because all the stores have the back-to-school stuff out! I even bought an 8 pack of crayons that were all shades of purple. Pretty much the coolest thing ever. I love wondering the school supplies aisles. There's something so hopeful about the promise of a new school year.

*This fall is going to be explosive for books--there are so many coming out. And yes I will have reviews!

*When I'm feeling really irritable, I should stay off the internet.

*I feel like I haven't talked to so many of you in ages! What's happening in your lives?

*Did we survive the end of google reader?

*Summer TV has been pretty successful for me this year. I really like The Fosters and Suits, I'm enjoying The Bridge, and Siberia is crazy good fun. Oh and The Killing got really good at the end.

*Speaking of The Bridge, I can't decide entirely how I feel about it. Some scenes and sequences play out identically to the original and end up falling flat. I really like Demien Bichir so much, but I'm undecided on Diane Kruger. Saga in the original just pops off the screen, she owns the series (and my heart!) but Sonya doesn't have that same spark. I don't know. Also, and this is so stupid on my part, but I kind of miss the dreary grey Scandinavian feel. The dusty heat of Texas/Mexico just isn't the same. But aside from that I'm still into it and I think as the series progresses it will get more interesting.

*Speaking of The Killing, remind me that one day I want to discuss where the women are on AMC. (missing)

*I've been listening to lots of Sharon van Etten since The Walking Dead trailer came out. I think Ana should be happy?

*What fall book are you most excited for?


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