Friday, June 14, 2013

Just Some Random Chatting

*I read Gillian Flynn's Sharp Objects last weekend so now I've read all of her books and I'm sort of desperate to find some really good writing on them? Like not as individual novels but her work as a whole. She's a contemporary author that I think has really carved out a niche that is her own and that there's a lot of super interesting stuff going on in her work that just demands to be written about. But I feel like it's actually kind of hard to find writing like that about books! Anyway, if you know of some let me know. Also, Lady Business should really consider a discussion on her books because I'd be super curious to know what they think.

*I watched Rosemary's Baby for the first time a couple of weeks ago and I liked it. It's really kind of well done from the perspective of building tension and this sense that there's a conspiracy against Rosemary but she can't get away from it! The ending was so creepy and perfect. I watched it because I saw someone (can't remember who) associated with Hannibal say that what was going on with Will was sort of borrowed from the idea in Rosemary's Baby that the doctors are conspiring against you. Also, it made me sad about how 666 Park Avenue flopped because the idea of an old apartment building with lots of mystery in NYC is still really appealing as a show to me! Worst husband EVER alert in this movie. (seriously he helps Satan rape his wife and impregnate her, and then when she expresses concern over what's happening, he makes her feel delusional and like she's wrong and yells at her and stuff.)

*I'm planning to watch Under the Dome and I'm super excited for it! It looks just like my kind of show. I didn't join in the readalong, but hopefully some of those people are also going to watch and blog about it???

*Which leads me to reminding you that The Bridge starts July 10th. I will be reminding you every week.

*I thought Before Midnight was never coming near me, but it is! Now I want to make time to see it this weekend.

*Jodie wrote 6,000 words on the first four episodes of Hannibal. Jodie is my hero. Also, I had somehow missed that they said Will Graham is "on the spectrum" (I win most attentive viewer awards obvs) so now I also want to read some good writing about various police detectives portrayed as on the spectrum. Will, Saga Noren, etc. I'm sure there are others.

*I feel like there are a lot of summer movies I want to see. I kind of want to see Man of Steel, I definitely want to see World War Z, I still sort of want to see Now You See Me, etc. That movie by the District 9 guy...what are you guys looking forward to? What do you want to see in the theater?

Happy Weekend, everyone!


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