Friday, May 17, 2013

Just Some Little Things

*I watched two horror movies this week. The first one, The Haunting In Connecticut: The Ghosts of Georgia proves how much Hollywood is dependent on sequels and name recognition. The story has absolutely nothing to do with Connecticut. I had issues with the movie, but mostly it's the kind of horror movie I like, even though ridiculous, it kept me entertained and had an interesting back story for the ghosts.

The second, The House at the End of the Street, was beyond terrible. The movie explained nothing about how it's terrible twist worked! Waste of a great cast, tbh. It did make me sort of itch to write my Dark Places review, though, so maybe once thinking + writing is something I can do again, I will!

*I also saw The Great Gatsby. I wanted to do a ~review and recommend some books, but I have all these thoughts that sort of go all over the place and so it may never happen. Short story then--I liked it.

*Due to watching the aforementioned horror movies I'm behind on TV. I don't watch The Vampire Diaries anymore, but wow it sounds like it has gotten really really terrible. Are any of you still happy with it?

*If I were to buy one book which do you think it should be? The 5th Wave, The Woman Upstairs, or Eleanor and Park? These are big titles I'm sort of anxious to read but I can't really get them all because I already have a ton to read, also money.

*Over at The Friendly Book Nook, my mom is giving away a really great children's book and she wants you to enter!

*Oh ALSO. I wrote about how TV doesn't like YA novels, but I was wrong, sort of. The new CW show The 100 is also a book, but that's been developed by Alloy and they don't really count. The book comes out in September. Also, Intelligence is based on a book that's not out yet, a YA sci-fi. So...I don't know? Intelligence doesn't seem like it's going to be an actual YA show, but it was news to me. In both of these cases, the books aren't out yet which presents an interesting situation.

Happy Weekend everyone!


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