Monday, May 6, 2013

Guest Post: There are Monsters on TV! by Jesse Petersen

Hi everyone and thank you so much to Amy for having me on her blog today. You may not know me, I’m Jesse Petersen and I write snarky urban fantasy with monsters and zombies (not at the same time) in them. My latest release, CLUB MONSTROSITY is available April 29, 2013 from Pocket Books. It has monsters in it who have a support group in a basement of a church in New York City. They’re just trying to be normal… until someone starts killing them.

So obviously, I’m a fan of monsters. I’m also a fan of zombies. My previous series, Living With the Dead featured a couple using marriage counseling advice to escape a zombie apocalypse (and maybe save their marriage).

Basically, what all this means is that I love monster-y sort of stuff. And that makes me very happy because right now it seems like monsters and zombies are all over TV again! Back in the day, there used to be The Munsters and the Adams Family and that kind of thing. But for a while, it seemed like the only monsters you could find were on the big screen. Sometimes you just need your fix every week, you know?

The Walking Dead is, of course, the big one. Seriously, I don’t know anyone who isn’t aware of it, even if they might not be watching it. I have my issues with it, but it’s still one of the coolest zombie shows out there. But it doesn’t stop there. Amazon Prime has just green lit the Zombieland television show that will be available for streaming only. A cool idea, very Netflix-y of them, though I love that movie and they had best not screw it up because heads will roll.

And then there are the monsters. NBC made a half-hearted attempt with Mockingbird Lane, though they refused to pick it up for a full season. And there are reality shows all over the place about finding monsters in the wild. They are massive fodder for Joel McHale, but damn, at least they’re out there.

Yes, it might not be perfect, yes we all wish for more and better, but it feeds a need. So what is your favorite monster or zombie television show? Any stories you’d like to see turned into a series?

(Thanks Jesse for combing two of my favorite topics monsters and TV! :)

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