Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Thoughts on Wednesday!

Some people mentioned some shows on my informal survey that I can address now! So here goes, my answers are probably largely disappointing, lol.

Red Widow--I tried this and couldn't really get into it. Crime dramas have to have a little special something to get me interested in them, tbh. I wanted to like it but it just didn't happen.

Hemlock Grove--I wasn't going to watch this at all because the reviews were terrible and also because Eli Roth=torture porn to my brain. But seeing it in the responses, I went ahead an watched the first episode...I didn't really like it, but it could have been worse. I wasn't bored or anything, I'm just not sure I buy into the world. Also, things seemed a bit too serious, some things were slightly confusing, and the body of the dead girl was really gross.

Beauty and the Beast--Whoever mentioned this, you guessed correctly that I have abandoned it. Sometime around the resolution of the Alex arc I just lost interest and the ability to suspend disbelief. Where the show had been charming and fun for me before, it suddenly became ridiculous and boring. I keep thinking if it winds up on Netflix I might catch up at some point, but it's not really a priority right now. (I think they rushed the Vincat relationship for what it's worth!)

Orphan Black--Yesss. I've now watched the first two episodes and this is a fun show! It seems heavily plot driven but in a way I enjoy with lots of twists and turns. Also, it's funny because part of the premise--with Sarah taking over Beth's life--reminds me of what both Ringer and The Lying Game tried to do with twins, but Orphan Black gives it a really fun twist with high stakes, i.e. that's not the only thing going on. So far so good! I'll probably catch up soon. I don't think it's the kind of show I'd have a lot to say about regularly, but who knows, we'll see!

(In other TV news I caught up on Nikita's season recently. This show is best watched in chunks IMO I had stopped watching because the stuff about Michael's hand was annoying me a lot, but it did serve a purpose in the thematic structure of the season as well as the plot...but having to watch those episodes was painful, lol. Anyway the last run of episodes were really good and reminded me why I do like the show. I also think it asks lots of interesting questions about "the good fight" etc. I don't know sometimes I wish more of you watched it because it's a show that can really be talked about imo?)

  • In other news, I wanted to mention that Silence is going forward as a film. This is one of my faaavorite books and I'm really curious what the film treatment will be like. Probably a disappointment, but who knows it could still be good. Thoughts? I know a lot of you have read this one.

  • In book blogger biz, I want to know how you guys feel about publishers pitching books and then being like lol jk we can't send it? This happened to me recently (with a book I really wanted) and I hate it, but it rubbed me the wrong way. Am I just being bratty because I wanted the book? Probably. But it makes me feel a bit disrespected in general. Like it's unprofessional to me? And it's hard for me to think of another group of people they'd react to in this way. Also, they were like, we'll be in touch with other assets, I'm not going to post free advertising for the book on my site after that. The worst of it is that this is an author I love and I don't really want to be not helpful, but I also feel stubborn and like I wish to be unhelpful in posting about the book. I guess I'm just kind of annoyed that I feel this way, but also annoyed that I'm not getting the book. Feel free to talk some sense into me!

  • And lastly, I love the new Lana del Rey song on The Great Gatsby it's so Fitzgerald to me! (more Gloria Gilbert than Daisy Buchanan, but w/e)

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