Wednesday, April 17, 2013

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The 2013 INSPYs shortlists have been announced! We debated forever over them once again, but I think we came up with some lists we're all proud of...I look forward to seeing what the judges choose as the finalists! If you are interested in Christian fiction books I hope you'll check out the lists.

The Catching Fire trailer also came out and to be honest...I have like no feelings about it. I am sort of meh about it and I think it's basically due to a few different things. I think that once everything settled, as much as I liked The Hunger Games movie, I really have no desire to watch it again, I'd rather reread the book. So basically I think these movies are going to end up like Harry Potter for me...I see them once and that's it. Also, the whole conversation with President Snow in the trailer irritates me. I don't know why. And lastly, I think Jennifer Lawrence was wayyyy overexposed in the last couple of months topped off by her failure to show at the MTV Video Awards (which is just classless and last I read was still not explained) has made her more Jennifer Lawrence to me than Katniss and that kind of sucks., if you were looking for squeeing from me (and I've sure done my share of it over The Hunger Games) sorry you didn't find it here! I am craving a reread of the book, hopefully to be done soon!

Speaking of books, I'm so behind on reviewing! I've already forgotten the books, I'm sure. I'm hoping to whip out some mini-reviews so I can at least get caught up. (this sounds much easier than it actually is for some reason) I am at present reading Strong Poison at long last Ana and Hannah! It's a little different than I expected, though charming, and I look forward to going back and seeing what people said about it when they read it. Once I finish it. It's a short book but taking longer than I thought.

I also just got Red Dragon to read, I feel like I might appreciate Hannibal more for reading it. Plus, I enjoyed Silence of the Lambs when I read it long ago, so I have no reason to think I won't like this one.


I came to a halt with Lost Girl and I'm not sure why. It really is a cute show and I plan to go back to it, but I decided to rewatch The Walking Dead and I'm blowing right through my rewatch like I never saw it before, I don't know. I am also resigned to the fact that I'll probably read the comics this summer because six months is too long for me, sigh. Anyway, I'll be writing way more about this later. I caught up on The Mindy Project (sort of--I do work while watching, to be honest) and Danny and Mindy are finally getting a bit shippy and cute! I've recorded all the episodes of Orphan Black but haven't watched them yet...has anyone else? Would I like it? Also I have things to say about The Good Wife.

I am semi frustrated with how this Will and Alicia storyline has played out. It started in the most ridiculous way--like I wish the show had at least hinted at their ongoing attraction instead of just having them kiss out of nowhere. But...I don't know like I think what everything is building towards COULD be interesting. Like I actually feel the show is building towards something, the question is...will they chicken out and return everything to the status quo?

On the one hand you have Diane making major life changes...possibly taking the judge position and getting married. (which is cute if nonsensical) And that other judge dude (Dale from TWD) telling her she needs to distance herself from Will or whatever. Then there's Cary looking to make a move from Lockhart Gardner, and Alicia battling her sudden overwhelming desire for Will which could lead her to want to make the move with Cary so that she no longer has a professional conflict with her personal life. (maybe the attraction to Will is more about wanting that anyway? I'm wishing The Good Wife was deeper than it is aren't I?) According to the producers, Peter has been a perfect husband, and it looks like he's going to want to renew their vows next week and Alicia has always been instrumental in his campaigns, but she doesn't want him anymore--maybe...she doesn't want this life anymore? And I think her little conversation with Grace about thinking about yourself etc (which by the way I actually really liked that conversation, it was presh! and much as I dislike Grace, I do appreciate that the writers keep her religious and that it wasn't just a fad) is going to be top of her mind in these last episodes. Is Alicia willing to go after what she wants because she wants it and with no other excuses? It will be interesting to see. So yeah the election is coming up and not just Peter's future, but Diane's now depends on it...what Alicia ends up doing could affect things, what Diane does with regards to Will could affect things, what Cary does, however Kalinda reacts...there really could be a major shake-up on the show. Fingers crossed, to be honest!

Oh, still no news on when we'll get Borgen's third season, but the first season is actually available on region 1 DVD now! So yay for progress.

Also, speaking of Danish TV, the American adaptation of The Bridge begins in July and I will be pestering all of you about it until then. I'm really super excited for it. I saw The Host and the whole time I was thinking of Diane Kruger as Saga Sonya the whole time and it got me even happier about it! FX has started showing teasers for it (during The Americans, yay!)

Speaking of The Host...I liked it? It's been awhile since I read the book, but it felt very similar. Although...I wasn't crazy about the casting for the love interests. Everything else really worked for me, though! Kind of a bummer it got SUCH bad reviews, but I guess, you know, it's a love story/optimistic alien invasion story so...

That's all from me for now! I hope you check out the INSPYs list and also tell me what you're thinking! About anything!


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