Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Sunday Salon: Chatter

Hi friends!

First of all, I can't wait for tonight's The Walking Dead!!! I can't remember the last time I was so excited for an episode of television! Yay!

Other than that my life has been very busy with nothing too exciting + the INSPYs which are an insane amount of work that I always forget about. Speaking of the INSPYs, we are now taking applications for judges! If you are a person of Christian faith and like to read good books and want to be part of a grassroots bloggers award for books than please apply! You can check out more details on the INSPYs site but we definitely need a good variety of judges. Please apply!!!

I've done some reading and hope to finally write some reviews soon. I can't review everything though because I'm also cramming my days with INSPYs reading so I won't be able to share details about those books until after the awards are over!!

We had the second check in for War and Peace...and I'm really surprised by how down everyone was about the section! I can't say it's my favorite thing I ever read but I actually found the section quite readable. The one hundred page sections work well for me, it really helps me to read classics with other people I think. So thanks again to everyone reading along!

TV has been a bit of a disappointment for me lately (except The Walking Dead of course!) but a few thoughts anyway:

Switched at Birth

I am kind of confused by the storyline with the school because at first I thought they didn't have enough money because of the hearing program and then suddenly it was like the hearing program will save everything! And then no it's getting closed down altogether. But whatever, I really like the stuff they've had going on this season so far with the hearing and deaf/hard of hearing storylines. I think they raise a lot of interesting situations--like Daphne getting robbed and how that makes her feel as an especially vulnerable target, and Regina losing the ability to sign, and Noah losing his hearing altogether. There isn't always the follow through that I'd like to see, for example I thought it was awful that Daphne's parents collectively decided to sell the food truck without talking to her and then that was just completely dropped. But it's interesting overall. I hated that Regina fell off the wagon, but I did think the show set up the circumstances really well. And I'm glad she isn't just magically better, because that's not real life. I do feel bad for Bay constantly landing in these awful situations with people she loves, though!

The relationships have also been kind of weird with Bay and Emmett sort of back on without really being back on and Bay and Noah being a thing when it's obvious Daphne and Noah should be a thing and all of the stuff about Daphne dating hearing guys and kissing Travis but not really being into him.


Basically I watch this show for Juliette at this point. I can't help but love her, like I really feel for her in a way I have yet to feel for Rayna. So episodes like this week are frustrating because I don't care about Teddy at allll and his scheming against Lamar like wow does anyone who watches this show care about that? I thought the stuff about Gunnar and his brother was awkward and clunky and I don't ship Scarlett and Gunnar at all, so the ending was a huge turn-off. (the thing is I could have totally been into them but then they made Gunnar weird and a jerk and ugh. I think this show really blew a lot of its potential and this storyline is a prime example)

But Juliette....throwing the huge party for Deacon, wanting to sing for him, saying, "I'm glad to see so many people love Deacon the way I do", commenting on Scarlett's talent (I could have written that line myself, lol, I so knew it was coming), and giving Deacon the dog because he deserves unconditional Juliette. When she called Rayna the queen of country music and then Rayna shows up and wants to sing and Juliette puts her off, but ends up having to take her mother home because she fell off the wagon and they contrast Juliette putting her mother to bed with Rayna of course taking the stage and getting to sing her love song to Deacon or just hurts me okay. And her hero worship of Deacon, the way she lavishes on him the love she so wants lavished on herself just killllls me.

Speaking of Deacon, I keep going back and forth on his character because I do like him and feel like his storyline is compelling but I wish he'd A) stop lecturing Juliette and B) Get over Rayna. But I thought it was kind of adorable that he watches Old Yeller every year on his birthday but then he didn't even want the dog. lol oh Deacon.

Anyway that's it from me for this week! I thought I had more to chat about, but I guess not! I do hope to have more posts this week, so hopefully I'll see you soon.


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