Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Walking Dead 3x11 I Ain't a Judas

So I was going to write some stuff about this episode and Andrea and how her predicament is kind of interesting and compelling and then the end happened where Rick said he was going on a run and taking Michonne!!

That's like, all I care about from the episode now. I'm so excited for them to finally have real interaction, omg. They are my favorite characters and I ship them so much and tbh it's baffling to me that they are not like an actual ship! So I am very excited for next week even if Carl is going to be there, too, lol.

Okay real stuff about the episode.

Andrea's dilemma is interesting but I would have been more interested if she'd actually tried to kill the Governor. I was impressed she went as far as she did, though, I really didn't think she was taking what Carol said to heart. It was a very Samson and Delilah situation and I wouldn't be surprised if Andrea's not done contemplating it.

I was so disappointed Tyrese's group ended up in Woodbury but it makes so much sense. Hershel told Rick he was wrong to send them away and Hershel is sort of the voice of reason on the show, we have to listen to what he says. Tyrese's group is likely to give them vital information about the prison before they realize how crazy he is. I'm excited to learn more about those characters, though, so I hope they don't delay on it too much.

Michonne was flawless as usual from the way she ignored Merle's poor attempt at clearing the air to her confrontation with Andrea. Danai Gurira does such a good job of expressing what Michonne is feeling and how hurt she was by Andrea...but she doesn't waste words, she's quick and cold with Andrea and says what needs to be said. I love her.

There isn't much else to say about the episode really because next week!!!! Rick and Michonne!! Yay!


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