Monday, February 18, 2013

The Walking Dead 3x10 Home (and a little other TV)

Just about the time the Governor's bullet found its mark, I remembered why I love this show. I'd been lulled into complacency through the first part of the episode because not much was happening. And so was our group. They've grown comfortable at the prison. Rick is comfortable enough to go meander around "crazytown" outside the fence. They've mostly secured it, they have food, for awhile they had no real enemies. They all knew the Governor might be coming and they knew they had a breach in the prison, but apart from Glen no one had any real urgency about it. And then....

I was kind of laughing along with Carol with gosh, I mean he was never long for the show since I can't remember his name was he? And bam. Tense gunfight, ingenious unleashing of the zombies, perfect timing for Daryl to come back (yayyyy) and that's what I call an ending. And they are in real trouble! They'd just lost another person and they barely have any ammo. Rick's grip on sanity is tenuous at best and they've got Merle as a total wild card. I can't wait to see what happens but I'm also realllly dreading it. Anyway I just thought everything about that final fight was perfect and tense and well shot.

Other Stuff:

*I love how Daryl realized that being with Merle was the wrong thing for him after he helped those people and then Merle wanted to take advantage of them. I liked that Daryl genuinely wanted to help them and I LOVED that he corrected Merle about Glen being Korean and not Chinese because it's a great callback but also because it shows how good the group was for him and being in good relationships. Basically I had a lot of Daryl love tonight. I thought it was great that he told Merle it was own fault that he ended up in that situation and I'm glad he decided to go back. Of course I love that he saved Rick because things were getting scary there. It will be interesting to see what happens with Merle showing up.

*Michonne needs more story, but I like that she's the one that watched Rick wander outside. (I'll take whatever Richonne scraps I can get!) I hope that when Rick's Lori demons heal, the show will give me some Rick and Michonne being awesome together.

*The Governor is such a master manipulator omg. He knows Andrea would looove to be the leader of Woodbury (or anywhere) and so he uses that to try to throw her off to the fact that he's really going to send a message to the prison. Andrea's not stupid, though, she knew if he wasn't around he's somewhere up to go no good. Also, when he was asking Milton if he'd take a bullet for him, I was like...okay but Milton's never even seen someone turn into a zombie out in the wild, he's relatively sheltered, he probably has no idea what he'd do.

*Rick. Rick ♥♥♥. When he was telling Hershel that there had to be a reason he was seeing Lori and Shane, I was like, yeah GUILT. I guess maybe I think he needs to come to terms with the way he brushed Lori off when she was trying to fix things between them and you know that he killed Shane, but I'm not loving the storyline really. I do like that he said he knew it wasn't real. And I hope that the fight kind of snaps him back to reality. The truth is a lot of really awful things have happened to him and he's shouldered so much responsibility and he's a good decent guy, I mean he was a small town police officer for crying out loud. And there's been no time for him to really process and grieve all that's happened. On top of that he was really cold to Lori for awhile and even though it's like...understandable why he was, there's a whole different environment in a survivalist world, if you fight with someone it might be the last time you ever see them. So your emotions don't get to have the natural time for things they would in ordinary reality. Lol, I've spent a lot of time thinking about this (in general, not for the show). So I just think all that unprocessed stuff has caught up to him and it's all mixed in with the grief and he's losing it. I just hope that it doesn't last forever because even though broken Rick is oddly attractive in its own way, I'm ready for him to get back to the business of being badass.

Anyway, loved the episode, love the show.

Other Shows:

Still really liking The Americans. This past episode actually made me cry a little, I found the ending conversation between Elizabeth and Phillip so heartfelt and convincing. I like that this show feels like the 80s and not in any ostentatious way, but the set designers and props people are doing a good job. I like that it feels like they are actually spies, it's different to any other spy show I've watched (except maybe Rubicon?) in that it's not all crazy and wild and sci-fi but I feel the tension of every mission, you can feel how much they are putting on the line every single week. And I was 100% that woman was getting offed and I'm glad there was no happy ending, because this was a war to them. And in the middle of this huge stressful mission, they also had to deal with their marital troubles, and the weight of that reality and gah, I just like it. (really liked this recap as well if you want to read something by someone who can write!)

Beauty and the Beast on the other hand...ugh I don't know I think that Alex arc broke the show for me. I used to be able to overlook all the little stuff that annoyed me, but this week it all grated. Like, last week Vincent was all worried about how Cat saw him as a beast and she's like, "that's your issue" and then he says the same thing back to her when trying to make up with her. This week Alex says, "Vincent will always do the right thing" and then Cat says that to him, "I know you'll always do the right thing." Ugh make the bullet point writing stop! In fact, Alex's whole monologue was poorly written and made no sense to me. BUT I still love Tess, she's like a breath of fresh air on screen! I will probably finish out the season, but I'm just kind of bummed that it's not the fun show of the week for me anymore.

And I haven't even watched TVD and I don't plan to watch anymore. I'm going to imagine that Katherine showing up and stealing the cure and winning everything is the end of the story and that Caroline somehow gets rid of Klaus and runs away to catch up with Tyler. And they are happy. The end.

As far as Nashville goes...I really like the dynamic between Liam and Rayna so I was glad to see that again. I'm getting pretty tired of Deacon always dumping his words on Juliette about how he thinks she should live her life (and then turning around and being an ass to Rayna WHATEVER). Juliette obviously behaved really badly, there's no excuse for that, but there are reasons. And I'm not really sure what I think about what happened with her and her manager. I don't know, I so rarely feel like I get a character on an instinctual level the way I get Juliette, she just makes sense to me. And I know how to root for her where I'm still a little lost on the other characters. I did find the stuff with Gunner and his brother kind of interesting in a sad way.

I have lots of thoughts about Switched at Birth which may wind up in another post.

Soo...that's me and TV this week! I want to hear all your thoughts!


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