Thursday, January 31, 2013

TV: The Good Wife, TVD, Beauty & the Beast, The Carrie Diaries

The Good Wife -- Is this show off for another two weeks? I hate February sweeps because there are so many awards shows and Super Bowl stuff that mean my favorite shows don't air, sigh.

Anyway, I sort of figured the Alicia making partner thing was coming down the line soon based on a few spoilers I happened to come across so that was not a surprise. What was a surprise was the way Will and Diane handled it--offering it, flattering her, and then leaving David Lee to do the heavy lifting about the 600K she needed to invest. The fact that Alicia didn't even think about this was surprising, though, because I was doesn't partner mean FINANCIAL INVESTMENT and so it was odd it wasn't even a part of the meeting. But, I don't know it all served to show how naive Alicia was about it and also maybe how unprepared to actually have it happen. I also uncomfortably related to her a lot in the episode, and realized how much I relate to her overall. I mean she wanted the flattery of it, to believe she had actually earned it and that it was about her and she was unhappy when that was not the case. I thought Diane's speech to her at the end was on point, but also it made me sad because I myself have made some really bad professional decisions based on ideas of what I thought was right and with merit and maybe I needed someone like Diane to set me straight. EVEN SO. Louis Canning gave her his card, she kept it, she lied about it, she is thinking about an escape plan.

I also liked how their pre-nup case paralleled this development for Alicia. Their client wanted to believe she was in love and that money didn't matter. Idealistic like Alicia. But at the end of the day, it does matter, there are secrets, everyone has their own agenda. A rough episode for idealism.

Although, I guess on the bright side she did honestly say she was an atheist!


All I really have to say is...Stefan and Rebekah danced to The Cure. THE CURE. Ugh, I love them so much and this episode really hit on the reasons why I always thought their dynamic should be explored more. I really like that Rebekah is not pretending Stefan is a nice guy or forgetting all of the stuff he's done to her, she is fully aware of who he is. And yet, they are also the same in that they would shed their vampire skin for human skin, like I always thought that this cure storyline should have been about Stefan himself not Stefan trying to fix Elena, gross. Also, Stefan dating Elena to feel like a better person? I don't know it was interesting in contrast to Beauty and the Beast where that idea is being treated as a fantasy. Anyway, I really enjoyed them so much and I know they are doomed but I wish they weren't!

Otherwise...I don't have much to say? Bonnie was kind of intriguing in her owning her power. It's weird how like...irrelevant Elena has become to this whole story line. Everything else was boring, killing Kol was boring because they didn't delve into what would have made it interesting. (by the way I'm totally hoping for some Sage and Finn flashbacks on the spin-off---I love me some old vampires in love)

Beauty & the Beast

I think how well the show hits the emotional beats in an episode affects how much I like it/forgive all the stuff that's not so great. So I was allll over last week's angst, but this week not so much. Like on the one hand, I really love what they are exploring with this Vincent/Alex thing. It makes so much sense. The ending conversation was A+. It's all very human for Vincent to want to forget all the bad things he's been through and he sees Alex as a way for that to happen. Catherine was dead right that it's a fantasy.

But...there was some lulzy stuff, too, like Catherine yelling about her feelings to her therapist at the shooting range. (why was he even there) Speaking of...omg Catherine is so shippable, I mean obvs I ship Vincent/Catherine but I couldn't help kind of shipping her with the therapist this episode. She's great.

Also, had I seen that girl Evan got it on with before? I was like...what...? Didn't he just bring Heather to the wedding? I was confused.

The Carrie Diaries

Continues to be adorable. Doritt named her hamster MORRISSEY ♥ Also, I love the clothes! They aren't actually 80's clothes just inspired by, so I don't feel bad about it. I did think it was stupid of Carrie to tell Sebastian she looked at his confidential file after her dad said that jeopardized his career. So she goes and makes it worse, fab.

Also, I get Gossip Girl PTSD when shows frame girls as empowered for going after boys, so while I liked the way Carrie said no at the club, I disliked that this made her feel strong and powerful and like she was going to go after Sebastian!

I don't know, I just like fun cute teen shows and this fits the bill so of course no one is watching. :(

I haven't watched The Americans yet and I have very little to say about Switched at Birth, but I'd love to hear your thoughts on any TV this week!

PS I've started watching Lost Girl and it's like pure television candy, I don't know. Like I have no thoughts about it at all but it's a lot of fun. Does anyone else watch this? It's a Canadian show that airs on Syfy here and is on Netflix Instant now.


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