Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Sunday Salon: Stuff

Recently I learned that Goodreads actually has guidelines with their stars that completely changed the way I view their star system. I don't know why I never really looked at it before, but I realized that two stars means "it was okay" and like, to be honest, a loooot of books fall under that category. I've always felt a little bad giving two stars before, but not anymore! I also find that I enjoy revising my star ratings on there a bit after the fact. I do enjoy star ratings, but I don't hold fast and true to them. I know the whole concept is very controversial, though!

The weather here was GORGEOUS yesterday, I was actually getting warm running errands. So I guess our two weeks of winter are over? I don't really like the weather here a lot of the year, but I have to admit I am completely spoiled by this kind of winter weather now. And it's good because spring always makes me feel invigorated and like I want to get stuff done so yay for that.

I tried to read a nonfiction book for my first book of the year but then I wasn't actually reading so I succumbed to the allure of fiction. I'm reading The Death of Bees which is.... interesting. Jill already posted this quote from the book that made me lol and gives you an idea of what it's about. I also plan to start War and Peace, today, yay!

Also, TV is already coming back, The Good Wife is new tonight and Switched at Birth is new tomorrow! And Elementary was new this week. Speaking of, the real winner of Elementary to me is Sherlock, I just find him so endearing like how he wanted Joan to take notes as an apprentice ♥ I'm not a huge fan of the cases, and often forget about the show, but I do really like him. There are some new shows coming on this month as well, but I'm most excited for The Americans! I finished up season four of Six Feet Under and am currently writing all of my thoughts which probably none of you will read since the show has been over for years. And Borgen started it's third season in Denmark and I spoiled myself on some stuff and omggggg I wish it was showing here at the same time!

I guess that's it for this week! I think the world goes back to normal this week, right? I'm kind of ready for that. Have a good one friends!


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