Monday, December 3, 2012

Some Bookish Ideas for Your Loved Ones

This is not a holiday guide to buying books, it's just a few ideas that I want to share! I'm not really an authority on any one genre, but I do think certain books make lovely gifts.

For anyone who loves reading about the love of books, My Ideal Bookshelf is the perfect book. It's beautiful without being a huge coffee table book, it includes the thoughts of smart creative people on the books that they feel represent them. So, you know, it's very quotable. The art is whimsical and delightful.

Bonus Idea: The assignment each person was given when writing their section of My Ideal Bookshelf was to compile a list of the books that represented them. Why not exchange lists of the books that you love with the people you love and resolve to read one of the books they feel represents them? I can really think of no higher compliment than to take time out of your life to read a book that means a lot to someone else.

Want to give the classics with a fresh beautiful look?

Sterling Publishing has their new Classic Lines series and the covers are beautiful. Better yet, the editions are really affordable. Buy this set for the classics lover in your life, or indulge yourself! I think new books will be continually forthcoming, but they pretty much won my heart and soul when they released Jane Eyre's purple cover. Also, they are so pretty they make me want to try Jane Austen novels again.

Bonus Idea: Is there a classic here you haven't read? Why not gift one of these a friend or family member and suggest you read it together? (at the same time, not out loud to each, though, you know, whatever floats your boat)


Does your bookish loved one have every book they need? Are they generally quite altruistic? Consider donating to a literacy charity in their name. People who love books are also usually invested in preserving and perpetuating a culture of literacy. They'll probably love to know your gift to them was making sure someone else had a book. You might consider First Book or Reading is Fundamental.

Bonus Idea: Maybe you don't have someone bookish to give to, but still want to give in a bookish way! Consider volunteering to read to school children, or another opportunity to share the love of literacy as your gift to the world this holiday season.

Does your friend love TV and Film?

While I no longer think you have to buy books for everyone on your list, I do think Smart Pop books are a fun unique idea for anyone who loves to read about their pop culture favorites.

That's it from me! Feel free to leave your own suggestions below! And merry gift giving!


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