Tuesday, November 20, 2012

TV! TVD, TWD, and more........

The Vampire Diaries

I wasn't going to blog about The Vampire Diaries because the less I think about it the more I can enjoy it superficially, BUT I am so intrigued by the idea of Tyler going up against the Salvatores/Klaus. I have no idea if that's what is going to happen but I feel like it could? And the thing about it is that I am one hundred percent Team Tyler and I'm pretty sure there is nothing you can say to change my mind. Obviously when he was talking to Caroline and he threw that glass--that was uncool, but I mean overall Tyler is trying to help people break free from being sired to Klaus while the only goal everyone else has seems to be KEEP ELENA ALIVE. And he's done his fair share for them, he let Klaus possess his body to keep them alive and he stood up in front of that church and got shot for them, and this is how they treat him in return. They treat everyone Not Named Elena like crap pretty much, so.... I don't know, it could be interesting. (I mean isn't it weird that Stefan convinces Elena not to kill Rebekah because THINK OF ALL THE VAMPIRES THAT WOULD DIE but he doesn't even blink in betraying Tyler and killing Chris like that or threatening to turn someone himself. It's messed up.) (Edit since I wrote this my friend told me she thinks Tyler will come off badly in this storyline because of an interview with Candice and I'm back to contemplating if I should just cut my losses now)

Oh also I thought last week's episode was BTVS'ing all over the place with the "potentials" and Elena's hallucinations reminded me of The First.

Anyway let's talk about other shows!

The Walking Dead!

I was filled with GLEE when Rick saw Michonne outside the prison. Absolute GLEE! These are my two favorite characters and this was an awesome introduction, like the best possible. I thought Michonne getting the zombie guts spilled all over was oh-so-gross but a nice nod to the show's second episode when they intentionally covered themselves in guts to walk among the dead. I'm scared for Glen and Maggie. I wish Glen would have just shot Merle, sigh. But I'm glad Michonne saw it all and figured out where to go.

I wasn't surprised that Andrea hooked up with the Governor but ewwwww. I really dislike him. And I feel like she's surrendered all her power now, archaic as that idea is. (this show is not exactly progressive!) I have to admit that Daryl rescuing Carol melted my heart and I'm so glad she's not dead! And that scene with Rick and his baby girl was obviously meant for viewers like me :) The phone call stuff was a tad weird, but a decent way to deal with the grief of the episode, I guess. I'm wondering if Andrea will pay a big price for her disloyalty to Michonne and her little fling with the Governor. And once the Gov realizes Michonne isn't dead but was able to give the prison the heads up on Woodbury? I think the second half of the season is going to be really exciting.

The Good Wife

Okay, so. I thought this was interesting from the standpoint of how they totally went after that judge and made all the other judges disgusted with them. I like that it falls in line with their overall desperation and "nothing to lose" mentality. I mean what they did was huge and could have implications. And I'm glad Amanda Peet's character is so smart.

I don't care about Grace. But Zach working on the campaign could lead to something? Oh and lol not only did Maddie Hayworth engineer everything in the campaign, she is also a lesbian! Oh show why do you do this to me? (I watched the most recent episodes together so sorry if I'm getting them confused)

I think Nick beating up Cary will force Kalinda to a crisis point in dealing with him. But aw poor Cary! That was not fun times.


I didn't really like the most recent episode much because I don't really care about Teddy's campaign. And Juliette's little story was stupid. But lol I do think this guy might be the person who "delights in her" that I mentioned saying I think she needs in my last post about Nashville.

I'm glad Scarlett and Avery broke up and that she's living with Deacon because I think it means we're getting closer to the point where these three stories will intersect. And I'm glad Rayna's finding her sound, but again a snoozer of a plot. But hey it can't win every week, and it still wasn't boring.

Beauty and the Beast

Amazed at how quickly the show has progressed the relationship! What I like about it is how it's just angsty enough for me (I do like some angst) but not too much. Like no one's throwing a fit about things, they all end up talking about how they feel and it's so healthy!

I don't really have much to say otherwise, I sort of view this show as a fun indulgence that manages not to offend me like TVD does. Also! Catherine's dad and stepmom were both on the LA Complex. Made me miss the show.


This last episode really really bugged me. I mean the show is not that great, but I want to love Olivia. And this episode made that impossible because I think what she did to Abby and David was really awful and cruel. That scene at the end where Abby was tearfully confessing her betrayal and apologizing was just, ugh disgusting. I mean Olivia was listening in on her private conversations! She planted fake evidence that David had beat his ex-girlfriend! And Abby is my LEAST favorite character on the whole show. Well, after Fitz. The way they all manipulated her was just ugh. I mean the truth is I really like David and I don't think he deserves to be treated like that, but also they were so happy together! I don't know it just really bothered me. Also there was an appalling lack of Mellie! And that story with Cyrus and his husband? I mean would that ever happen? They made such a big deal on Borgen about pillow talk I don't know....I just hate Cyrus. So yeah I don't know I think the show went too big with the conspiracy this season and they haven't given me enough reason to care about these characters despite their despicable actions.

Six Feet Under

Yes this show has been off the air for many years, but I just started watching it! I'm close to the end of the first season. It's really different. At first I didn't think I could handle all the death stuff, but I got used to after a bit. Also Peter Krause looked really good circa 2001. I cringe during every beginning while I wait for the person to die. Wow I have no deep thoughts on this show at all. I'm glad to finally watch it, though, I've been wanting to watch it for ages!

As always I welcome your thoughts!


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