Friday, November 30, 2012

TV: TVD, Nashville, The Good Wife, TWD

Quickie TV Post! Sorry for the post spam today, I'm celebrating the end of NaBloPoMo by posting a lot or something.

TVD-- This episode felt really weird to me. It might be because the show was off for two weeks and I forgot everything, but it just felt odd. I was actually laughing at Klaus and a bunch of other stuff I probably shouldn't have been. Stefan was acting crazy. I mean on the one hand you have Matt shocked that Jeremy might want to kill vampires and then you have Stefan killing someone to turn them into a vampire to turn Elena human again because somehow she's worth more than anyone else ever. Argh. Also does Damon know Elena is supposedly sired to him? I'm like...I don't know, really annoyed this is how the show is choosing to do Delena. What good can come of it? Professor Shane is my new favorite character because obviously he's like three steps ahead of everyone else. And he has attitude. Too bad he's just using Bonnie, though, I'd love for someone to just actually care about Bonnie. And of course Hayley is also working against them! (but lol @ how Professor Shane knows everyone, seriously I want to be on this guy's side)

Oh also, why doesn't anyone else want the cure for themselves? Why is it a forgone conclusion that it's for Elena? This show makes no sense, the end.

Nashville-- I kind of miss the underlying emotional angst of the first episodes, but I'm still invested in seeing Juliette's story. I liked that Rayna was finally like, "oh we could act like professionals", when they were fighting because YES. I really want to see their relationship and interactions become more of the heart of the show. I think they are an interesting combination because they both kind of strike at each other's insecurities, but they could both gain a lot from actually being friends. I want to seee it. It could be a great story. I guess Scarlett/Gunner is a go, though that could end up really complicating things.

The Good Wife-I really enjoyed the stuff with Alicia's mom because it was so nicely acted, like that scene where her mom asks if it was because she went away for two years and there's ALL THIS HURT AND STUFF UNSAID and Alicia just keeps herself in control. I also thought the contrast between her and Jackie was interesting--Alicia's mom is all "I'll do whatever makes me happy everyone else be damned" and Jackie is OVERLY involved in Peter's life. (I still love her male companion btw ♥) How is it that I love the adult's relationships with their parents but Zach and Grace's storylines are always such huge failures? I guess they allow themselves an honesty with the adults they don't with the children.

I also thought the court case was interesting. At first when Owen was all like "I'm glad you're doing this" that it would end up being something they flipped on, because let's be honest they were less concerned with DOMA and more concerned with winning the case however that could be accomplished. But...I think that based on the preview for next week it makes a nice pair of episodes. This case was something they could feel good about fighting legally and next week looks like more of the needing to do right by the client by doing things Alicia feels are wrong in the name of the client, so it's fun times with the law.

Also, Cary!! Playing it cool. That was interesting.

The Walking Dead--Okay I know Lori just died, but I ship Rick and Michonne so hard, okay? Ugh I just love them both so naturally they should be together.

I thought it was interesting that Milton still hadn't seen anyone turn. He's obviously been protected from the harsher realities of the zombie infection and that somehow allows him to make up this whole life where he thinks he can find a cure. And buy into the Governor's BS more easily.

Glen killing that zombie was pretty amazing, but ugh that scene with Maggie was really hard to watch. I'm curious how Andrea is going to feel when things start to go down. Also, Merle being alive and running into Daryl and Andrea realizing the governor has been lying to her....I think things are about to get verrrry exciting.

I'm sad everthing's going on hiatus after next week, though! I guess it will give me time to watch Six Feet Under!


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