Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Sunday Salon: Just a Few Little Things

I don't have a lot for this week's salon. I started reading Lilith by George MacDonald and so far it's not as scary as I feared it might be. But the week has been kind of busy for me so I haven't had much time for reading, I'm behind on TV, etc.

I do want to point you to a few interesting links though, in the spirit of spreading the love for blogs I love:

Iris wrote a very thoughtful post on how blogging sometimes makes her hesitant to read things. I really love her post and the points she brings up because I certainly understand this kind of insecurity.

Ana reviewed All Quiet on the Western Front which I have never really wanted to read before, but her review made me reconsider my position.

Jenny wrote a very interesting post about Francine Prose's Blue Angel.

Poet Jack Gilbert passed away this week. I first heard of him when I read The Heart is Not a Size Beth Kephart's lovely book. She posted that excerpt this week. I've been craving a reread of that book because I've been feeling kind of sad lately and there are a few creators that make me feel hopeful and optimistic and she's one of them.

And not about books but Hannah posted some tips for learning knitting!

And...I always love it when my favorite television writer loves the shows I love. He's my favorite because I love the way he writes, but I don't always necessarily love the same shows. But...he loves a lot of what I love (Borgen, Switched at Birth, Lost and Damages back in the day) so it works out. And his recent piece asking why no one is watching Nashville made me really happy. I know that not everyone can love the same things I love, but it's always nice when someone gives voice to the way you feel about something.

Finally as a little tidbit, we are trying to get the INSPYs up and running for next year but we need help. If you feel you understand the vision of the INSPYs and have time to devote and would like to be a part of it, would you email me?

Have a great week everyone! I'll be here everyday with my NaBloPoMo posts (I'm already sort of counting down the days to December?)


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